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ACP Pennsylvania ChapterOfficers and Committee Chairs

ACP Pennsylvania Chapter
Officers and Committee Chairs

501C(3), Education

President: Gregory Kane, MD, FACP
Vice President: David George, MD, FACP
Secretary*: Not filled at this time
Treasurer: Thomas Grau, MD, FACP

501c(6), Advocacy

President: David George, MD, FACP
Vice President: Thomas Grau, MD, FACP
Secretary*: Not filled at this time
Treasurer: Thomas Grau, MD, FACP

*The Bylaws for both corporations both list a Secretary position. Currently this position has no true duties. When this office has meaningful work, the position will be filled.

Committee Chairs for Standing Committees


Evan Pollack, MD, FACP, Chair


Gregory C. Kane, MD, FACP, Chair


Thomas Grau, MD, FACP, Treasurer
**The Governors comprise the Finance Committee.


Representatives to Our Alliance Partners

PA Medical Society:

Jaan Sidorov, MD, FACP - Primary Care Trustee, BOT

PAMED Specialty Leadership Cabinet

Evan Pollack, MD, FACP, SLC Representative

PAMED Vice President:

Charles Cutler, MD, MACP

Carriers Advisory Council:

Dan Kimball, MD, MACP (Doug Clough, MD, FACP, alternate)

Primary Care Alliance:

Governors to alternate

PA Chapter Council

Western Region

Thomas Grau, MD, FACP, Governor

Andrew Adams, MD, FACP
Kristian Feterik, MD, MBA, FACP, FHM
Anthony Maniglia, MD, FACP
Jennifer McComb, MD, FACP
Harumi Burns, MD
Amy Kennedy, MD, Resident Member
Vikas Sunder, Medical Student Member

Eastern Region

David George, MD, FACP, Governor

Meena Agarwala, MD, FACP
Lawrence Jones, MD, FACP
Eileen Moster, MD, FACP
John Bulger, DO, MBA, FACP
Susan Baroody, DO
Sarah Joseph, MD, Resident Member
Caitlin Moss, Medical Student Member

Southeastern Region

Gregory Kane, MD, FACP, Governor

Amy Davis, DO, FACP
Joseph Majdan, MD, FACP
William Surkis, MD, FACP
Evan Pollack, MD, FACP
Lawrence Ward, MD, MPH, FACP
Neena Mohan, MD, Resident Member
Aleesha Shaik, Medical Student Member