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Oregon Chapter Committees

Governor's Council

Marianne Parshley, Governor
Thomas G Cooney, MD MACP
Thomas D Harburg, MD FACP
Stacy R Chance, MD FACP
Sima S Desai, MD FACP
Ronald S Sinclair, MD FACP
Robert A Gluckman, MD MACP
Linda L Humphrey, MD MACP
Elizabeth SM Sazie, MD FACP
Devan L Kansagara, MD FACP
Bradley T Bryan, MD FACP
Avital Y O'Glasser, MD FACP
Anne M Hirsch, MD FACP
Alexander M Kositch, MD FACP

Council Residents/Fellows

Alex Schafir, Chair
Avi O'Glasser, Co-Chair

Ehrine Manzana
Alicia Hidalgo
Stephanie Griffith
Jason Heino
Angela Gibbs
Caroline McCulley
Sarah Carter
Gita Gelfer
Bailey Pope
Milla Kviatkovsky
Shyam Bhansall

Program Planning Committee

Sima Desai, Chair
Tom Cooney
Lynn Bentson
Lenny Mankin
Janice Miller
Brinton Clark
Alex Schafir
Laura Loertscher
Mary Olhausen
Richard Wernick

Awards Committee

George Feldman, Chair
Anne Hirsch
Linda Humphrey
Claudia Leonard
Ed Schultheiss
David Shute
Elizabeth Liles
Tom Cooney
Honora Englander

Council Early Career Physicians

Stacy Chance, Chair
Holly Tse, Co-Chair

Sima Desai
Stephanie Halvorson
David Nagata
Phillip Olshausen
Ryan Peterson
Basil Pittenger
Rajesh Ravuri
Jenny Silberger
Mohammed Taher
Elizabeth Liles

Women's Council

Elizabeth Sazie, Chair
Avi O'Glasser, Co-Chair

Membership Committee

Bradley Bryan, Chair

Medical Student Council

Avi O'Glasser, Chair
Josiah Brown, Co-CHair

Health Policy Committee

James Gajewski, Chair
Jenny Silberger, Co-Chair

Thomas Cooney
Sandra Barton
Robert Gluckman
Marianne Parshley
Sima Desai
Paul Gorman
Honora Englander
David Thompson
Linda Humphrey