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Chapter and National Awards

Chapter Awards

Laureate Award
This award is given by the Chapter to honor those Fellows and Masters of the College who have demonstrated, by their example and conduct, an abiding commitment ot excellence in medical care, education, research, and service to their community, their chapter, and ACP. Nominees must have been a Fellow or Master for at least 15-20 years. Nominees must have a long history of excellence and peer approval in the specialty of internal medicine. Nominees must have served their chapter and community with distinction or in some clearly definable manner. The award is presented at the annual scientific meeting.

Howard P. Lewis Distinguished Service Award

Howard P. Lewis Distinguished Teacher Award

Outstanding Early Career Physician Award
This award is given by the Chapter to an Early Career Physician who exhibits exemplary patient care and outstanding leadership in the community, the Chapter, and ACP. An Early Career Physician is defined as a physician member of ACP who is within sixteen (16) years of graduating medical school and who is not a Medical Student or Associate Member of ACP.

National Awards

Evergreen Award
This award given by ACP recognizes outstanding Chapter efforts. It provides visibility and recognition to chapters that have been successful in implementing programs that increase membership, improve communications, increase member involvement and diversity activities, provide community service, and foster careers in internal medicine.

Chapter Excellence Award
This award given by ACP recognizes chapters that excel in reaching the standards for managing a chapter, such as communicating to members, instituting medical students' and Associates' activities, advancing and recruiting members, and providing educational programs to its members.

National Award Winners