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Oregon Chapter Committees

Governor's Council

Jenny Silberger, MD, FACP - Governor
Thomas G Cooney, MD MACP
Sima S Desai, MD FACP
Ronald S Sinclair, MD FACP
Robert A Gluckman, MD MACP
Linda L Humphrey, MD MACP
Elizabeth SM Sazie, MD FACP
Avital Y O'Glasser, MD FACP
Anne M Hirsch, MD FACP
Alexander M Kositch, MD FACP
Sarah Rahkola, MD, FACP
Adam Obley, MD, FACP
Alice Nayak, MD
Laura Holton, MD
Courtland Childers, MD, FACP
Annie Weinsoft, MD, FACP
Katie Iossi, MD, FACP
Alexander Schafir, MD, FACP
Michael Bower, MD, FACP
Joel Burnett, MD
Melinda Muller, MD, FACP


Council Residents/Fellows

Alex Schafir, MD, FACP - Co-Chair
Avi O'Glasser, MD, FACP - Co-Chair
Julice Orgando
Jessica Smith
Cassandra Muxen
Emoniel Isakharov
Lindsay Southgate
Erin Staples
Heidi Reich
Joanna Bove
Leah Grant
Brittany Houston
Lynn Kemper
Morris Kim
Christine Rutlen
Ingrid Lindquist
Logan Jones
Joel Burnett
Maedah Kaahhat-Kholghi


Program Planning Committee

Sima Desai, Chair
Tom Cooney
Lynn Bentson
Lenny Mankin
Janice Miller
Brinton Clark
Laura Loertscher
Mary Olhausen
Mikeann Minter
Marianne Parshley
Claire Ziegler


Awards Committee

Anne Hirsch, Chair
Linda Humphrey
Claudia Leonard
David Shute
Elizabeth Liles
Tom Cooney
Honora Englander
Marianne Parshley
Liz Estabrook


Council Early Career Physicians

Laura Holton - Co-Chair
Courtland Childers - Co-Chair

Women's Council   Women In Medicine Council

Elizabeth Sazie, Co-Chair
Annie Weinsoft, FACP Co-Chair

Membership, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Melinda Muller, Chair
Marianne Parshley
Bradley Bryan
James Reuler


Medical Student Council

Avi O'Glasser, Chair
Jessica Blank
Erynn Beeson
Holly Russell
Romil Patel



Health Policy Committee

Thomas Cooney
Marianne Parshley
Adam Obley, Chair
Katie Iossi
Linda Hungerford
Jeffrey Absalon
Logan Jones
Laura Holton
Jeff Wagner
Jane Zhu
Joel Burnett
Regina Szczesniak


Finance Committee

Sarah Rahkola, Chair
James Gajewski
Marianne Parshley
Michael Bower


Wellness Committee

Alice Nayak, Chair
James Clements
Allison Abraham
Mary Gearn
Marianne Parshley
Abigail Lenhart