National Awards

National Level:

Oscar E. Edwards Memorial Award for Volunteerism & Community Service:

The award is bestowed upon an ACP Medical Student Member, Associate, Member, Fellow, or Master who has initiated or has been involved in volunteer programs or has provided volunteer service post-training. The service must have been performed on a completely voluntary basis and not for the completion of training or position requirements. Volunteer work must have been done as a physician or medical trainee and be medically related.

2002: James B. Reuler, MD, FACP (Work in establishing and managing Wallace Medical Concern)

Award for Outstanding Work In Science As Related To Medicine:

This award is bestowed for outstanding work in science as related to medicine. Scientists of any country and in any field, whether non-clinical or clinical, biochemical, biological, physical, or social, shall be eligible for this award. A medical degree shall not be required. A major consideration in selecting the awardee will be an outstanding contribution which has been nationally or internationally recognized made by the nominee.

1997: D. Lynn Loriaux, MD, FACP

Joseph F. Boyle Award For Distinguished Public Service:

The award is bestowed upon a current or former government official or a physician acting in an official capacity (state or federal, executive or legislative) who has provided outstanding public service toward improving the delivery of health care. This individual should have distinguished himself or herself by accomplishments aligned with the ACP's goals, objectives, and advocacy efforts. Preference is given to nominees who have directly contributed to achieving ACP's public policy objectives, such as introducing or advocating legislative or regulatory changes that are based on ACP policy and/or working collaboratively with the College to achieve shared objectives.

2002: John A. Kitzhaber, MD

Walter J. McDonald Award For Young Physicians:

The award recognizes outstanding achievement by a physician member who is within 16 years of graduating medical school and who is not an ACP Medical Student Member or Resident/Fellow Member. Nominees must meet these qualifications as of June 30th of each year considered. Areas of achievement may include leadership; academics, including publishing, teaching, and mentoring; and/or volunteerism.

2004: Sima S. Desai, MD (first recipient of this award)

John Phillips Memorial Award For Outstanding Work In Clinical Medicine:

This award is bestowed for outstanding, lifetime work in clinical medicine which has been innovative and/or had a regional or national impact. Clinical medicine shall be interpreted to include all aspects of clinical research or practice of medicine. The recipient shall hold a medical degree. If the awardee has not previously been elected to Mastership, he or she will be elected to Mastership when awarded.

1979: William N. Valentine, MD, MACP
2000: John A. Benson, MD, FACP