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Newly Elected Members

New Fellows

As of August 2012, (elected in the past six months)
Jose A Arindaeng, MD MPH FACP
Marcelino C Belizario, MD FACP
Aditya Bhargava, MBBS FACP
Kirk A Bronander, MD FACP
Quang T Nguyen, DO FACP
Kalpana K Reddy, MD FACP
Timothy J Schrader, MD FACP
Daniel S Shapiro, MD FACP
John A Varras, MD FACP
Sandhya Wahi-Gururaj, MD FACP

New Members

As of August 2012, (elected in the past six months)
Susan Bannick-Mohrland, MD
Lisa Ann Calvo, MD
Omar S Canaday, MD
Karen A Clark, MD
Nicole L Davey-Ranasinghe, MD
Devangi D Desai, MD
Shamoona A Fawaz, MBBS
Shainy B Hegde, MBBS
Vrijendra K Hoon, MD
Paul J Kalekas, DO
Flora M Lwin, MD
Ayodele O Okunola, MBChB
Naveed Quadeer, MD
Nirmal T Sunkara, MBBS