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Chapter Council and Committees


Governor/President: Bill Shiffermiller
Vice-president: Renee Woehrer
Secretary: Temple Brannan
Treasurer: Dick Hranac

Councilors at Large:
John Hurley
Lyn Klassen
Carolyn Manhart
Jim O'Dell
Jen Parker
Eric Rice
Mark Rupp
Andy Vasey

Chief residents:
Anna Cook (Creighton)
Chris Smith (UNMC)

Joe Stauber (Creighton)
Keenan Taylor (UNMC)


Committee Chairs:
Awards & Nominations: Devin Fox
Health & Public Policy: Jason Shiffermiller
Hospitalist: Joe Auxier
Membership: Rich Seitz
Residents & Students (Creighton): Devin Fox
Residents & Students (UNMC): Chad Vokoun
Scientific Program: Carrie Valenta & Regan Taylor
Young Physicians: Micah Beachy