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Governor's Letter June 2013


June 2013 Dan M. Woodliff, MD, FACP, Governor



New Leadership

IM 2013 in San Francisco brought a change in national leadership. Molly Cooke, MD, FACP, a professor of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco and a former Chair of the Board of Governors, assumed the role of President of the ACP. She will serve until IM 2014 in Orlando. Also assuming a national leadership role was Charles Cutler, MD, FACP, who became the Chair of the Board of Regents. Dr. Cutler, who will also serve until IM 2014, is a full time practicing internist in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Of note, Susan Hingle, MD, FACP, governor of the Southern Illinois chapter and a general internist and clerkship director at the SIU School of Medicine, will chair the Board of Governors in the coming year. Many of you may remember meeting Dr. Hingle, who led our leadership workshop at the 2013 MS/LA Regional Meeting in Point Clear.

Additionally, Dan Woodliff, MD, FACP, started his term as Governor of the Mississippi Chapter. Dr. Woodliff, who practices general internal medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), will serve until IM 2017 in San Diego. Click here to read his welcome message to the chapter.

Among the Associates in the chapter, we also have two new leaders. Claire Brabec, MD, a rising third year resident in the internal medicine residency program at UMMC, has assumed the role of President of the Council of Associates & Students (CAS). Outgoing president Dominique Pepper will remain active within the chapter and will serve as one of three chief residents of the internal medicine residency in the coming year.

John Saxon, MD, a rising second year cardiology fellow, will be this year's President of the Subspecialty Fellows' Council. He takes over this role from Carter Milner, MD, who will remain active within the chapter during her third year of hematology/oncology fellowship.


March Meeting

Make your plans to attend the Louisiana/Mississippi Chapter Meeting in New Orleans at the Windsor Court March 15 and 16. Louisiana is putting on the program this year. Their chapter brought a lot of members to our meeting in September, so we need to do our part to help them. New Orleans is always fun and the food is great. Bring another internist with you. If they are not a member, that's fine. We will make them a member before they leave.

Please find attached a copy of the brochure for the meeting. Here's the online meeting brochure and the meeting registration link.

Both of the above links are on the MS and LA chapter web pages under "News and Meetings".


New from ACP

The College is continually trying to make our educational references easier to use and compatible with today's technology. Take a look at the updated Annals on your computer, especially on a pad or smart phone. Dr. Christine Laine, the editor, has done a remarkable job of bringing our journal up to date. It is designed to help bring the best data to the patient's bedside in a convenient and easy to navigate way.

ACPOnline has also been reengineered. This valuable site contains the Annals, The Internist, The Hospitalist, every pertinent guideline to internal medicine, PIER, MKSAP, the ACP Ethics Manual, The Advocate, governance, and an extensive library on advocacy. In the past these references have been in their own silos on the website. Our IT department has created an advanced search engine that will go through all these silos to give a complete bibliography on most topics. Much of this material is free, and some requires membership, and some references such as MKSAP require a subscription. But the search engine knows what the searcher is entitled to see.

Be on the lookout for an updated PIER, our point of care reference service. The College is very excited about this program. It will go under another name, which has not been decided yet, but will probably be "Smart Medicine". It will be more interactive than the previous version and is designed to work primarily on a smart phone. This product will rival Up to Date, but will be more portable and easier to use.

The new MKSAP is out. The electronic version will be available this January. ACP has negotiated with ABIM to allow you to receive up to 80% of your points for maintenance of certification. This is a big convenience.


Letter from the Governor Elect

As your incoming Governor Elect I want to say thank you for this opportunity to represent and work with each of you. After twenty six years in private practice and four years in academic medicine I have a deep respect for both paths in this rewarding vocation. Internal Medicine is a calling and the leadership of the ACP recognizes our national shortage of internists and is doing an excellent job of advocating for internists and our patients. We do live in interesting times and this is your professional organization so we ask you to voice your opinion on all of the healthcare challenges that are facing us.

Education, teamwork, and support will be our main thrusts. I plan on continuing the outstanding work that Bob Brahan, your current Governor, has done over the last four years. With the help of Nancy Youngblood, our Executive Director, we had the most successful educational /scientific chapter meeting we have ever had. Calvin Thigpen has spearheaded and organized an exciting team of students, residents, and fellows who are very active. The Abstract Day Competition in October showcased some amazing talent and compelling presentations.

Join me in telling our story about this profoundly gratifying profession, Internal Medicine. I hope to see you at our combined La/Ms Chapter Meeting in New Orleans and the Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Dan Woodliff, MD, FACP
Governor Elect, MS Chapter


"Internists First" a True Celebration of Our Profession

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the MS/LA ACP Meeting this past September in Point Clear, Alabama. You made our 2012 regional meeting one of our best gatherings in the past several years. With participation by medical students, residents, fellows, private practice physicians, and attendings from the universities of both states, the meeting truly had the feel of its "Internists First" title.

Perhaps more visible at The Grand than ever before was the contribution of our Associate and Student members, who displayed 39 posters and gave seven oral presentations, in addition to participating in every other aspect of the conference. Dominique Pepper of UMMC was the recipient of the automatic entry to the IM 2013 abstract competition in the Clinical Research category, and Amanda Horne, also of UMMC, was the recipient of the automatic entry in the Clinical Vignette category.

A strategic planning half-day workshop on the 6th kicked off the meeting. Sue Hingle, Chair-Elect of the ACP Board of Governors, facilitated the session, which produced ideas that will form the backbone of our chapter's activity in the coming two to four years. Then, over the ensuing 48 hours, participants at the conference earned more CME credit than has been available at our previous meetings.

Those present heard from several experts in our field from both states, including Rick deShazo, Fred Lopez, Angela Subauste, Vikas Majithia, Stephen Geraci, and Joe Files. Also present were Michael Barr from the national office to speak about practice management and Steven Weinberger, the Executive Vice-President and CEO of the ACP, to speak about the state of the college as well as high-value, cost conscious care.

The two chapters honored this year's laureate award winners on the evening of the 7th - Dr. Rick deShazo of Mississippi and Dr. Fred Thompson and Dr. Joseph Bordelon of Louisiana. Presenters recognized the significant contributions of their careers not only to the health of their patients, but also to the lives of their peers and their mentees in the discipline of internal medicine. The three laureate recipients joined previous laureates the following night at the laureate emeritus dinner where Marshall Ramsey delivered an inspiring message as one who has received care from internists in of our chapter.

While the MS/LA 2013 ACP meeting in New Orleans is still in the future, plans are already in motion for the 2014 meeting when Mississippi coordinates the meeting once again. We look forward to another very exciting slate of presenters and activities that will serve as another celebration of the impact internal medicine has our lives and, more importantly, the lives of our patients.

Calvin Thigpen, MD, FACP
Chairman, Educational Committee


MS LA ACP Meeting 2012, Point Clear, AL

Photo Gallery

Dr. Thigpen
Calvin Thigpen, MD, FACP, Chairman, Education Committee

Dr. Files
Joe Files, MD, MACP, Last Lecture

Dr. Lopez
Fred Lopez, MD, FACP

Dr. deShazo
Rick deShazo, MD, FACP

Dr. Weinberger
Steven Weinberger, MD, FACP

Dr. Hingle
Susan Hingle, MD, FACP

Jeopardy winners
2013 Jeopardy winners

Dr. deShazo and family
MS Laureate 2013 - Dr. deShazo and family

Stump the Professor 2013
Stump the Professor 2013

Oral Presentations

Title Authors Institution
Dual-source, dual-energy computed tomography to determine renal stone composition to guide appropriate management J. Peyton Hines, Laura Skelton-Smith, Brittany Tubb, Charles Upshaw, MD, Kevin Byrd, Cyrillo Araujo, MD, Sunit Sebastian, MD University of Mississippi
A sheep in wolf's clothing: a case of pseudovasculitis Amanda Horne, MD, Vikas Majithia, MD, Sarah Gaugler, MD, Kenneth Ball, MD, Joe Pressler, MD, Albert Dreisbach, MD University of Mississippi
Ossifying fasciitis presenting as abdominal pseudotumor Ifrah Jamil, MD and William Davis, MD Ochsner
FRAX (Fracture Risk Assessment Score) has poor correlation with bone mineral density (BMD) in males and exhibits significant racial differences in its characteristics Allison Jones, Vandana Vedanarayanan, Vikas Majithia, MD University of Mississippi
Lingering shadow from the past: syphilis, a historical disease in present day Louisiana Jennifer Minadeo, MD, Scott McRight, MD, Armaghan Nematullah, MD, and Madhuchhanda Choudhary, MD LSU-Shreveport
The modified early warning score is a useful tool to diagnose hyperglycemic emergencies and predict mortality in resource limited settings Dominique Pepper, MD, Porcia Williams, MD, Demondes Haynes, MD University of Mississippi
Low body mass index, medication use, and social factors such as smoking but not secondary medical disorders or older age, may be more prevalent in males with low bone mineral density Vandana Vedanarayanan, Allison Jones, Vikas Majithia MD University of Mississippi

Poster Presentations

Title Authors Institution
Curious etiology of pruritic rash in HIV disease Madan Acharya, MD, Sachin Pai, MD, Samina Hayat, MD LSU-Shreveport
When is Raynaud's disease not just Raynaud's disease: The importance of continue surveillance in patients with Raynaud's disease Randall Beyl, MD and Dean Lauret, MD LSU-Baton Rouge
Cecal plexiform neurofibroma: an unusual manifestation of neurofibromatosis type I Joshua Black, Feriyl Bhaijee, MD, Kimberly Gabriel, MD, Luminita Rezeanu, MD University of Mississippi
Getting to the GIST of the GI bleed: A case report Stewart Boyd, MD, Stephanie Tanner, MD, Naveed Ahmed, MD, John Sheehan, MD University of Mississippi
Central diabetes insipidus: An uncommon complication of invasive rhino-cerebral zygomycosis Cory Carter, MD, Matthew Craig, MD, Charles McCollum, MD, Andrew Wilhelm, MD University of Mississippi
Acute Hemophilus parainfluenzae endocarditis Andrew Stevenson, Joel Chandranesan, MD, Nuri Akkus, MD, Madhuchhanda Choudhary, MD, Joan Blondin, MD LSU-Shreveport
Varicella pneumonia in pregnancy Andrew Stevenson, Joel Chandranesan, MD, Madhuchhanda Choudhary, MD, Keith Scott, MD, Joan Blondin, MD LSU-Shreveport
The invisible man Vijayaratna Chockalingam, MD and Alan Burshell, MD Ochsner
The sleeping beauty: Successful treatment of a patient with myxedema coma Vijayaratna Chockalingam, MD and Alan Burshell, MD Ochsner
Postinfectious glomerulonephritis Hitarth Dave, MD, Lane Frey, MD, Jessica Bhathal, MD, Dragana Lovre, MD, Shaminder Gupta, MD Leonard J. Chabert
I sphinc-there's a problem with Oddi Ravinder Dhaliwal, MD and Kareem Abed, BA Leonard J. Chabert
One of many headaches with APL Kevin Dixon, MD, Carter Milner, MD, Stephanie Elkins, MD University of Mississippi
Recurring extracorporeal circuit clotting during continuous renal replacement therapy in a patient with Scedosporium prolificans induced fungal species: Successful treatment with argatroban Lee Ferguson, MD, Albert Dresibach, MD, Eva Csongradi, MD, Luis Juncos, MD, and Tibor Fulop, MD University of Mississippi
Emphysematous pyelonephritis: A case report Paul Fernandes, MD, V Fernandes, Lactancio Fernandes, MD University of Mississippi
Hodgkin's lymphoma presents as pseudoachalasia Codey Fontenot, MD and Angela Johnson, MD LSU-Baton Rouge
Desmopressin for hyponatremia overcorrection: An effective adjunct treatment for reversing rapid overcorrection and osmotic demyelination syndrome Kamel Gharaibeh, MD, Nadear Elmahi, MD, Eva Csongradi, MD, Tibor Fulop, MD University of Mississippi
Improvement of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms with continuous positive airway pressure therapy among veterans with PTSD and obstructive sleep apnea Kamel Gharaibeh, MD and Sadeka Tamanna, MD University of Mississippi
Pulmonary embolization in face of tunneled catheter-associated blood stream infection: the perils of systemic anticoagulations Kamel Gharaibeh, MD, Michael Shoemaker-Moyle, MD, Bela Kanyicska MD, Eva Csongradi, MD, Tibor Fulop, MD University of Mississippi
Hemolytic havoc: HELLP, DIC, and TTP in a patient with intrauterine fetal demise Jacob Graham, MD, Calvin Thigpen, MD, Zeb Henson, MD, Carolyn Bigelow, MD University of Mississippi
Altered mental status following myelography C.T. Grayson, and Uyen Caro, MD Tulane
Chronic shortness of breath and chylothorax John Haas, MD and Lee Engel, MD LSU-New Orleans
Adenocarcinoma of the lung presenting with hematemesis Allyn Harris, MD, Joe Pressler, MD University of Mississippi
An uncommon cause of headache Canh Hoang, MD and James Crowe, MD Leonard J. Chaubert
It's just a little red bump, or is it? Christin Laufer, MD and Layne Green, MD Keesler
I am getting tired and short of breath Faisal Musa, MD and Luis Espinoza, MD LSU-New Orleans
A curious case of symptomatic hypercalcemia in an HIV patient Srikanth Paladugu, MD, Saurabh Rajpal, MD, Taru Saigal, MD, and Kenneth Booth, MD LSU-Shreveport
Methylprednisolone: When push comes to shove David Pollet, MD and Lee Engel, MD LSU-New Orleans
Mean platelet volume is higher in coronary artery disease compared to peripheral artery disease regardless of its severity Saurabh Rajpal, MD, Kenny Newgene, MD, Elvis Peter, MD, Christopher Kevil, MD, Nuri Akkus, MD LSU-Shreveport
Watershed brain infarct: Can a prescription cause infarction? Saurabh Rajpal, MD, Abhishek Seth, MD, Taru Saigal, MD, Francisco Luque, MD LSU-Shreveport
Can't catch this: Sore throat associated with leukemia Jeffrey Reeves, MD, Carter Milner, MD, Stephanie Elkins, MD University of Mississippi
Kikuchi's disease not associated with systemic lupus erythematosus Talayeh Rezayat, DO, Bryan Ramsey, MD, Andria Smith, MD Keesler
Catastrophic antiphospholipid antibody syndrome: Catastrophe of a thrombotic storm Taru Saigal, MD, Saurabh Rajpal, MD, Abhishek Seth, MD, Keith Scott, MD LSU-Shreveport
Pseudomelanosis duodeni: A benign coincidence Taru Saigal, MD, Saurabh Rajpal, MD, Abhishek Seth, MD, Ankur Sheth, MD LSU-Shreveport
Spontaneous epidural hematoma: Beware of the "benign" back pain Abhishek Seth, MD, Saurabh Rajpal, MD, Taru Saigal, MD, and Shawn Milligan, MD LSU-Shreveport
IgG4-related disease presenting as systemic lymphadenopathy: A challenging diagnosis Benjamin Smith, MD, Matthew Carroll, MD Keesler
The prevalence of two xanthine oxidase single nucleotide polymoprhisms in patients with hyperuricemia and gout Derek Smith, MD and Matthew Carroll, MD Keesler
Hiding in the shadows: A story of hepatocellular carcinoma Kunal Suryawala, MD, Stacey Fulton, MD, Kamran Shahid MD, William Kurban, MD LSU-Shreveport
Obstructive liver disease: An unusual presentation of sarcoidosis Sruthi Veerisetty, MD, Feriyl Bhaijee, MD, Shou Tang MD, Christopher Anderson, MD, Wilson Hannah, MD, Sunit Sebastian, MD University of Mississippi


UMMC/ ACP Abstract Day Competition October 26, 2012

Scholarly activity at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) has blossomed with another year of bountiful submissions of outstanding caliber. Not to be outdone by last year's activities, this year's medical students, residents and fellows submitted a total of 60 abstracts, 5 of which were considered for oral presentation.

This year's winners in the oral competition were Sumana Nagireddy, a 1st year Heme/Onc fellow, and Patrick Williams, a 4th year medical student. Sumana's insightful presentation about an IgG4 related testicular pseudotumor guaranteed her a trip to the National ACP Meeting to be held in San Francisco in April 2013. Patrick succinctly described an interesting case of two metachronous neoplasms in the radiotherapy fields of a young man with familial adenomatosis polyposis coli. Our poster winners were Carter Milner, a 2nd year Heme/Onc fellow, John Saxon, a 1st year cardiology fellow, and Brittany Simpson, a 2nd year medical student. We are truly indebted to judges such as Rajesh Bhagat, Mary Jane Burton, Joe Files, Stephen Geraci, Celso Gomez-Sanchez, Vikas Majithia, Rob McMurray, Gwen Windham, and Marion Wofford who selflessly gave of their time to review and judge abstracts and presentations.

At our UMMC/ ACP Abstract Day, we recognized Brett Bennett, Rebecca Chick, Arnaldo Lopez-Ruiz and Adesh Patel as winners in the ACP Olympics for their participation in Morning Report, Fridays at the Bedside, and Noon Conference. We also acknowledged Bobby Tullos, a 1st year resident, with the ACP Mississippi Chapter Volunteerism Award for his selfless and passionate leadership to renovate the Jackson Free Clinic. Due to his efforts and support from many others at UMMC, the Jackson Free Clinic now boasts physical therapy, dentistry and pharmacy services as well as many well-equipped examination rooms to assist medical students as they tend to the health care needs of the poorest in Jackson.

Having laid a secure foundation in scholarly activity and community involvement, we look forward to great opportunities that are created as we continue to build on the commitment and achievements of our medical students, residents and fellows.

Dominique Pepper, MD
President 2012-13
ACP Associates Council, Mississippi


UMMC ACP Abstract Day 2012

Photo Gallery