Helpful Resources for Mentoring Physicians

As the focus of medical education shifts to a balance between in-patient and ambulatory settings, more practicing physicians are participating in mentoring and precepting programs. College headquarters has collected some helpful resources for physicians who want to gain a better insight on the elements of mentoring, brush up on existing skills, or just find out what is available. Included here are both Web sites and Clearinghouse resources. The Clearinghouse is a collection of program materials, articles, books and videotapes relating to community-based teaching. The Clearinghouse resources listed below can be ordered by calling 800-523-1546, ext. 2588.

The Mentoring Group
Physicians who mentor medical students and residents may find this site useful. Of particular interest to mentors are the "Mentoring Ideas" and "Tips for Mentors". These pages are updated monthly and provide tips that can be applied to many scenarios.

Mentoring opportunities are also available for both medical students and physicians through ACP's Medical Student Mentoring. Please contact Patricia Moore, Medical Student Coordinator, or Kelly Lott to volunteer or for more information.


In addition, the Clearinghouse contains these articles on mentoring:

Item 395: Defining Preceptor, Mentor, and Role Model. Rick E. Ricer, Family Medicine, 1998;30:328. This article clarifies some of the commonly used language in a physician/student interaction.

Item 401: Generalist Pathway Project, Michael J. Reichgott and Elizabeth Goldman, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Einstein's mentorship/preceptorship program materials contain a description of preceptor duties and responsibilities. This document also describes the components of the program.

Item 341: Workshop: Mentoring and the Profession of Medicine-Written Materials, Society of General Internal Medicine, 1993:21. This packet contains articles and references on mentoring. There is also a document from Boston University School of Medicine designed to recruit students for a first-year Family Medicine Mentorship Program.

Online Learning Center

Online Learning Center

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