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Michigan Chapter New Fellows and Members

Michigan Chapter Fellows Last Sixth Months

Carol E Chenoweth, MD FACP

Khaled Imam, MD FACP

Janice G Farrehi, MD FACP

Leslie M Pelkey, MD FACP

Joanne K Baker, DO FACP

Elisa A Ostafin, MD FACP

Laraine L Washer, MD FACP

Michael F Yacoub, MD FACP

Mathew J Brakora, MD FACP

Rachel Perlman, MD FACP

Paul D Bozyk, MD FACP

Robert Chang, MD FACP

Jennifer Lukela, MD FACP

Ariadne Lie, MD FACP

Bhavin D Dalal, MBBS FACP

Ramona M Berghea, MD FACP

Aimee Espinosa, MD FACP

Miriam T Levine, MD FACP

Rafael A Bloise, MD FACP

Paul E Kilgore, MD FACP

Jordan K Schaefer, MD FACP

Celine L Rivera, MD FACP

Marisa H Miceli, MD FACP

Vidya S Kollu, MBBS FACP

Chidamber Alamelumangapuram, MD FACP

David E Willens, MD FACP

Awais Zaka, MBBS FACP

Farah Tanveer, MBBS FACP

Orimisan S Adekolujo, MD FACP

Michael S Kern, MD FACP

Shahid Ahmed Mohammed, MD FACP

Gautham S Gadiraju, MD FACP

Praveen Vemula, MD FACP

Michigan Chapter Members Last Sixth Months

Tammie Bully, MD

Brian D Titesworth, MD

Susan M Terrell, MD

Angela Bully, MD

Poonam Mishra, MBBS

Pierre Tannous, MD

Brian S Hughes, MD

Parthiv Rushikesh Amin, MD

Belal Abdallah, MD

Jessica Kuo, DO

Satish B Chandolu, MD

Salim Hamadeh, MD

Monzer Saad, DO

Justin M Davies, MD

Cecilia C Cosma, MD

Sartaj K Singh, MD

Mousa Shukr, MD

Mhd Hussam Al Jandali, MD

Batoul Dagher, DO

Steven Rives, DO

Eric Rosenbaum, DO

Mohamad A Elkurdi, MD

Sara Sara, MD

Farah Kamran, MD

Adam Wolfe, DO

Michael Feldman, MD

Gina Buccalo, MD

Birjitender Singh, MBBS MD

Irina Klimova, MD

Abbas Y Elkhatib, MD

Deepti Kamat, MBBS

Ghazala Zafar, MD

Arwa Mohamed Hosni, MBBCH

Jacky Duong, DO

Belisario Arango, MD

Carlyn Hoeppner, MD

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