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Welcome from Maryellen Woodward, Chapter Staff

Welcome from Maryellen Woodward, Chapter Staff

My name is Maryellen Woodward and I am the chapter staff person for the Maryland Chapter of the American College of Physicians. I have worked as the staff person for the Maryland Chapter for approximately 10 years. Before then, I was the Executive Staff for the Maryland Society of Internal Medicine, and on staff at the Baltimore City Medical Society. I also work as a biller in a internal medicine practice located in Anne Arundel County. As you can see, I have been a busy lady for the last 30 plus years within medical society organizations.

I have especially enjoyed the time spent with the Chief Resident Association of Baltimore (CRABsters). It has been my pleasure to work with them on a number of different and interesting projects. These included research, community involvement, a communication system, the sharing of information for medical grand and noon conferences, Doctor's DilemmaTM, Student Dilemma and the Mulholland-Mohler Associates meeting.

I believe that this is an important organization that has worked very well under the auspices of the Maryland Chapter. Each year, the CRAB group has grown in their planned activities and I am delighted to be part of assisting with their organization. This year's CRAB has a number of plans from a pot luck dinner for charity to an annual CRAB grandrounds. I look forward to all and to being part of such a wonderful group.

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