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Topics and Requirements for Doctor's DilemmaTM

Topics and Requirements for Doctor's DilemmaTM

Teams consist of 4 members with at least one PGY1 and PGY 2 members

Please select 2 to 3 topics. Please develop 25 to 30 questions for each category. Please also rank them from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

Please send all questions in Word and have them proofread by your program director to make it easier to place on the Doctors DilemmaTM grid. Any residency program that does not submit questions cannot be included in the contest.

It is extremely important that all questions be kept confidential in order for the contest to e held in a fair and proper manner.

Allergy & Immunology
Critical Care
Dermatology - Good Samaritan
Emergency Medicine
Endocrinology - Franklin Square
Famous Trials - Harbor Hospital
General Internal Medicine - St. Agnes Hospital
History of Medicine - Harbor Hospital
Infectious Disease
Interpreting the Literature
Nephrology - Franklin Square
Neurology - Good Samaritan
OB/GYN - Sinai
Ophthalmology - Sinai
Pulmonary Disease
Screening & Prevention - Maryland General
Sleep Medicine - St. Agnes Hospital
Studies being done in Medicine
Toxicology - Maryland General