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Recap on Workshop on Creating Abstract Presentations

Recap on Workshop on Creating Abstract Presentations

The chapter held a "Nuts & Bolts" workshop on abstract and poster presentations that was not only very well attended - with over 80 in attendance - but also provided the audience with interesting and very informative facts on how best to create the "almost perfect" abstract.

Thanks to all of our programs and student groups for ensuring that the word got out about this event. It is really a unique opportunity for our students and residents to have an opportunity to hear first hand from our judges the best way to create abstracts and posters that are not only informative but also interesting to view.

We thank our presenter, Dr. Luigi Ferrucci, for his detailed breakdown of how to succeed with creating these presentations. A special thanks to our mentor/judges who then were able to review past posters and point out the good, the bad, and sometimes not so good portions of past submissions. These include Drs. Sapna Kuehl, Dave Weisman, Roger Marcus, John Sorkin, Paul Foster, Dobbin Chow, and Richard William,s who took time out of their busy Monday evenings to participate in this activity. We appreciate Dr. Williams and the Harbor chief, Dr. Ugo Ozumba, for ensuring that the program ran so smoothly.

As an added bonus, you can view Dr. Ferrucci's slide presentation.

Again, thanks to all of our programs for their support of our activities.

Stephen D. Sisson, MD, FACP
Governor, ACP Maryland Chapter