Chapter Diversity

As we are all aware, Diversity is an important topic that needs to be discussed and addressed in all facets of our activities from membership to our Chapter meeting. With this in mind, we are in the process of developing a Diversity Committee.

Drs. Erica Johnson and Kimberly Adkins, our Diversity Committee co-chairs, have had several teleconferences and discussions about the best ways to address the entire issue of Diversity. They have developed a "Diversity Committee Charter" which was recently approved at our Council meeting. We believe this is the first step in ensuring that all of our members are able to play an important and active part in our chapter.

Please take a few minutes to read the Charter. If you are interested in being a member, please be sure to contact Maryellen, our Chapter Executive Director, at and she will be sure to put you in touch with our co-chairs.

Thank you.

Mangla S. Gulati, MD, FACP
Governor, ACP Maryland Chapter