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2015 Resident's Meeting Abstract Winners and Profile in Excellence Awardees

2015 Resident's Meeting Abstract Winners and Profile in Excellence Awardees

The ACP Maryland Chapter Planning Committee for the Mulholland Mohler Residents meeting would like to take this opportunity to thank our judges, chief residents and programs for an extremely successful meeting.

Special thanks to our co-chairs of this committee, Drs. Paul Foster (GBMC) and Richard Williams (Harbor), for their support throughout the year and during the meeting to ensure that it runs so smoothly. We thank Dr. Sapna Kuehl, who makes sure that everything runs ever so smoothly at St. Agnes Hospital, and Dr. Richard Pomerantz, for his use of the all of the services at the department of medicine. A special thank you to our judges, who take time from their schedules to assist us and ensure that our meeting is so successful.

Thanks also to our CRAB co-chairs - Drs. Ugochukwu Ozumba, Sameer Ahmed, Ashrit Multani, Dan Kim and Abishek Freyer - who throughout the entire year have made our CRAB activities so successful.

Last but not least, we thank our programs, because without your support, this meeting could not be the success that it was. Please take a few moments to review the list of abstract winners as well as the Profiles in Excellence winners from each program. Congratulations are sent to all!

This was a highly competitive year, so getting an award is a significant accomplishment.

Profiles in Excellence Videos (Dropbox)

Profiles in Excellence Videos (YouTube)

Stephen Sisson, MD, FACP
Governor, ACP Maryland Chapter