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2014 Steps to Success Poster Presentation Instructions

2014 Steps to Success Poster Presentation Instructions

Abstracts for poster presentations must be entered using the electronic submission form found under the "Abstract Submission" tab. Closing date for abstracts is midnight Sunday, April 20, 2014.

You can start putting your poster up on Saturday, April 26 at 7:00 AM. All posters must be up by 8:30 AM for judging. Posters can be taken down after 11:00 AM. You must be available to stand by your poster from 8:30 to 9:30 AM on Saturday, April 26. Any posters not removed by 6:00 PM will be removed by the USU staff and may not be returned to the authors.

Poster Specifications:

The size of our poster boards is 4 feet high and 6 feet wide, so your poster must not exceed that size. An ideal poster size is 3 feet by 5 feet. You should have a headline banner that lists the title, the authors, and their affiliations. Ensure your font size is appropriate, as posters should be readable by viewers up to five feet away.

Poster Essential Suggestions:

Goal: State a single concept, idea, question, or hypothesis that best defines your research.

Poster has:

  1. Title across the top
  2. 3-5 sentence introduction
  3. Conclusions at lower right
  4. Methods and results fill rest of poster


  1. Banner readable from 15-20 feet away
  2. First name of authors (initials are acceptable)
  3. Middle initials and titles not necessary
  4. Abbreviations where possible
  5. City names and states can be dropped from institutional affiliations


  1. Muted colors, or shades of gray, are best for background.
  2. Use light background for darker photos, darker background for lighter photos
  3. Use a neutral background (gray) to emphasize color in photos, a white background to reduce impact of colored photos.


  1. Self-explanatory graphics should dominate the poster.
  2. A minimal amount of text material should supplement the graphic materials.
  3. Use regions of empty space between poster elements to differentiate and accentuate these elements.>
  4. Graphic material should be visible easily from a minimum distance of 6 feet.
  5. Restrained use of 2-3 colors for emphasis is valuable; overuse is not.


  1. Double-space all text, using left-justification; text with even left sides and jagged right sides is easiest to read.
  2. Text should be read easily from at least 6 feet.
  3. Section headings - use Helvetica, Boldface, 36 point
  4. Supporting text - (Intro text, figure captions, etc.); use Helvetica, 24 point (boldface, if appropriate)
  5. Narrative details should be brief and no smaller than 18 point.
  6. If more detail is needed, come to session with handouts.

Additional Options:

  1. Use larger size (36 point) for the Conclusion text, and a smaller size (18 point) for Methods text.
  2. Be consistent - one font throughout.