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Chapter Governors

1927-33 Randolph Lyons, New Orleans
1933-42 Joseph E. Knighton, Shreveport
1942-50 Edgar Hull, New Orleans
1950-54 Thomas Findley, New Orleans
1954-61 Marion D. Hargrove, Shreveport
1961-68 G. Gordon McHardy, New Orleans
1968-74 A. Seldon Mann, New Orleans
1974-78 Marion D. Hargrove, Shreveport
1978-82 William D. Davis, Jr., New Orleans (Chair, 1981-82)
1982-86 Robert R. Burch, New Orleans
1986-87 Fred Allison, Jr., New Orleans (Moved to Tennessee)
1987-90 Douglas L. Gordon, Baton Rouge (Filling unexpired term)
1990-91 Douglas L. Gordon, Baton Rouge
1991-95 Ronald B. George, Shreveport
1995-99 Frank P. Incaprera, New Orleans
1998-00 Gary M. Smith, Pineville (Transitional Governor)
1999-03 Charles V. Sanders, New Orleans
2003-08 Sandra Abadie Kemmerly, New Orleans
2008-12 Fred A. Lopez, New Orleans
2012-2016 William E Davis
2016-present Lee S. Engel