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Kansas Governor's Newsletter December 2018

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Isaac O. Opole, MD, PhD, FACP, ACP Governor

Isaac O. Opole, MD, PhD, FACP, ACP Governor


From Your Governor

Dear Colleagues,

This fall issue of our newsletter begins with Lauds and Laurels to our two fine Governor-elect candidates who stepped forward to volunteer to lead our chapter through the next four years. Drs. Nancy Nowlin and Ky Stoltzfus graciously put their hats in the ring, and I am happy to announce that Dr. Ky Stoltzfus was elected by the membership to become the next Governor of our chapter. Congratulations to Dr. Stoltzfus, and many thanks to Dr. Nowlin for her willingness to step up and promote the ideals of the college. Dr. Stoltzfus will start his term as Governor-elect after the Annual Business Meeting in Philadelphia, PA on April 13, 2019. He will take office as Governor in April of 2020.

Isaac O. Opole, MD, PhD, FACP

New Governor-elect Ky Stoltzfus, MD, FACP

Dr. Ky Stoltzfus is a physician at University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City, KS. He completed his residency training in Internal Medicine at KU in 2009 and has worked there since graduation. He worked as a hospitalist for several years but also has training in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. He works primarily as a Palliative Care physician and as an educator now. He's actively involved in teaching medical students, both in the classroom and in the hospital. He's involved in several research and quality improvement projects in the area of General Internal Medicine. Dr. Stoltzfus is honored to be able to serve as the next Governor for the Kansas ACP chapter.

Dr. Stoltzfus grew up in New Mexico and has a strong affinity for the outdoors. He works each summer at Philmont Scout Ranch as a volunteer physician in the Infirmary. His wife and four children share a love for hiking, camping and being in the mountains, but he has also come to enjoy the State of Kansas and exploring some of its small towns and beautiful prairies.



Politics Aside

In other electoral news at the state and national level, the outcome of the recent Governors' race in Kansas could finally result in Medicaid expansion, which had previously been passed by the legislature and vetoed by then-Governor Brownback. This would be a boon to our patients and healthcare system, which has so far been starved of funds slated for this purpose under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It remains to be seen what the actual expansion and implementation would look like, but we are hopeful that previously crafted solutions will provide a working template from which our legislators will build.

At the national level, the election of a democratic congress will make it more difficult to pass legislation to either cripple or repeal the Affordable Care Act. This may please or dismay folks depending on their position on the ACA, but nonetheless it removes some of the uncertainty plaguing patients, healthcare systems, insurance providers and policy makers as they try to plan their way forward. More importantly, it also reassures a large number of our patients who would lose important safeguards and coverage should the ACA be restricted or repealed. The recent events at the local and national level underscore the importance of participating in the democratic process, and the importance of ensuring that our voices are heard individually or collectively through advocacy efforts. Please consider joining us along with the Kansas Academy of Family Practice physicians for our advocacy day in Topeka on January 30, 2019. Let us appear on the doorstep of the Capitol and meet our new legislators!



Our Highway

Another interesting development at the national stage which may impact our work at the local level is the question of gun violence. ACP recently published a position paper on gun violence , which elicited a response from the National Rifle Association asking “self-important doctors” to “stay in their lane.” This retort has ignited a vibrant online discussion throughout the medical professional community, linking specialties as disparate as public health workers, trauma surgeons, ER physicians and pathologists. That this vibrant debate has been ignited by the voice of the College is a testament to our strength and our stature on the public square. We should continue to voice our concerns on issues that impact the health and well-being of our patients and members, whatever the perceived blowback. We must never be cowed and asked to “stay in our lane.”

Please make your voice heard and help continue to raise visibility around this issue. Join the conversation on social media using #ThisisOurLane, and tag @ACPinternists and @AnnalsofIM; or sign the pledge on the Annals of Internal Medicine website.



2018 Kansas ACP Annual Meeting Recap

I must now congratulate our program planning committee led by Dr. Jane Broxterman for a stellar chapter meeting that we held this fall. Jane, as many of you are aware, had personal health challenges as we were planning the meeting, but doggedly continued to lead the planning team and masterfully orchestrated one of the most successful meetings we have had in recent years. I must give my sincere thanks and recognition for the entire planning team: Jane Broxterman, MD, FACP, Brent Duran, DO, Jennifer Jackson, MD, FACP, Jennifer Kendall, MD, Melissa Taylor, MD and Tiffany Schwasinger-Schmidt, MD ,PhD, for a job well done. We had a varied program that exemplifies the diversity of practice environments and challenges that our members face. My special thanks also go to our Delp speaker, Dr. Jack Ende, and our program faculty, who took precious time out of their practices to prepare for and present at the meeting. Once again this year, the Kansas Journal of Medicine will publish a supplement of meeting proceedings that will include all the abstracts accepted and presented at the fall meeting. My gratitude goes to the editor, Dr. James Kallail, for his magnanimity and willingness to support our chapter and members in this important way.

Jack Ende, MD, MACP
Abstract Competition
Alexander Robinson, DO and Abebe Abebe, MD, FACP
Jane Broxterman, MD, FACP and Victoria Poplin, MD
Awards Luncheon



Kansas Chapter Receives the Chapter Excellence Award

The Kansas Chapter recently received the ACP Chapter Excellence Award. This award recognizes chapters which successfully meet the standards for managing a chapter. In order to achieve the Chapter Excellence Award, chapters must meet all basic criteria and ten optional criteria. Criteria include such activities as formulating an effective Governor's Council and committees, communicating frequently with membership, providing educational opportunities, recruiting and advancing members, and celebrating membership through local awards. I would like to extend a special thanks to those chapter members who assisted me in all of these endeavors! For their hard work and dedication, we received this award.

Jack Ende, MD, MACP and Isaac Opole, MD, PhD, FACP



Health and Public Policy Committee

Ky Stoltzfus MD, Chair

We are gearing up for another year of advocacy and legislative efforts at the state and national level. Our Kansas ACP Chapter will participate in Advocacy Day along with the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 in Topeka, KS. We would really like a strong showing this year by ACP members with a goal of at least 10 people attending. Medical students and residents are also invited to join us for this important event. Details and registration information were recently emailed. The fee to attend will be paid by the Chapter, however registration is required. Please contact Denise Lantz to register or complete the registration form found on the chapter web site. Following this state level effort, national advocacy will take place with Leadership Day 2019, scheduled for May 14-15, 2019 in Washington D.C. Please consider attending!

If there are particular priorities for health policy that you feel our chapter should address, please contact me directly. I welcome broad involvement by ACP members in crafting our local efforts. You can reach me by email, or phone at 913-588-3807.



Segen Smith Chase, MD, FACP

Membership Committee

Segen Smith Chase MD, FACP, Chair

Greetings on behalf of the Membership Committee! We are in the process of looking at ways of growing membership. There are several different categories of membership –Masters, Fellows, Members, Residents/Fellows, Medical Students, and Affiliates. We urge you to think about individuals who would benefit from ACP membership. I would like to draw your attention to two specific groups:

  • One of the fastest growing categories nationwide is the Affiliate category. This represents non-physician healthcare providers. Many of the mid-levels that you work with on a regular basis may find value in ACP benefits and I encourage you to discuss these with them and encourage them to consider joining.
  • ACP Fellowship is eligible to individuals who have been Members in good standing of ACP for 2 years. Advancing individuals to Fellowship is a priority of the College both nationally and in Kansas. Currently there are 226 individuals who are possible candidates for Fellowship in Kansas. I encourage you to consider this if you are not yet a Fellow. View the information on the College website for details about Fellowship and the criteria for applying.

Please contact me, Isaac Opole, or another member of the membership team if you are considering, have questions about the process, or are in need of a letter of reference for this endeavor.



Congratulations Fellows!

Another great piece of news for our chapter this year is the record number of members who have advanced to Fellowship. Fellowship in the American College of Physicians is an important capstone to an illustrious career, and represents the recognition by our peers and mentors that we are worthy of carrying the distinctive name of the College. The annual Fellows' Convocation held during Internal Medicine Week is an auspicious event that I have thoroughly enjoyed throughout my tenure. I would urge all eligible members to consider submitting an application for advancement to fellowship as soon as possible: You have worked hard, and you deserve it!

New Fellows

Zalina Ardasenov, MD, FACP
Luke M Amos, MD, FACP
Harathi Bandaru, MD, FACG, MS, FACP
Elisha J Brumfield, DO, FACP
Stephanie Graff, MD, FACP
Jessica L Kalender-Rich, MD, FACP
Alana Longwell, DO, FACP
Jimmy G Mbogori, MBChB, FACP
Sheila McGreevy, MD, FACP
Archana Pareek, MBBS, FACP
Sidra Raza, MBBS, FACP
Kimberly J Richardson, MD, FACP
Michael T Rouse, DO, FACP



Medical Student Perspective

Nicole Balmaceda, Student

After submitting residency applications and trading their white coats for professional suits, fourth-year medical students are left anxiously refreshing their emails in anticipation of interview season. Despite this high-stress time, fourth-year medical students at the University of Kansas School of Medicine continue to work hard in the Population Health in Practice (PHP) clerkship. In this month-long course, students engage in discussion about our current health care system, social determinants of health, and opportunities for improvement within the health care system. Students hear from a variety of health care perspectives including patients, physicians, research analysts, insurance providers, quality improvement specialists, and politicians, like Kansas Senator Dr. Barbara Bollier. In line with the ACP goals of scholarship and addressing health disparities, students apply epidemiologic principles and population-based approaches to formulate “capstone projects” which identify the health care needs of specific populations and evaluate the impact of interventions made to meet their care needs. This October, capstone projects addressed access to post-partum care, the utility of identifying social determinants during new patient visits, quality improvements in the student-run clinic, JayDoc, and the optimal strategies for transitioning to home hospice. PHP is led by Dr. Ky Stoltzfus, the Kansas ACP Governor-elect. Chair of the Kansas Health & Public Policy, and Assistant Professor of Department of General and Geriatric Medicine; Dr. Catherine Satterwhite, Associate Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health; and Dr. Edward Ellerbeck, Chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health.



Yuletide and New Year

As the year closes and we welcome the holiday season, let us commit ourselves and think about priorities for the new year. The new Medicare Fee payment schedule implementation has been postponed, but the next year will be a period when our voices must be heard on this important issue that will impact our practices for decades to come. We must also continue to support the College in its efforts to work with the ABIM to change and streamline the MOC process. Our voices must be heard locally by our legislators with regards to expanding healthcare coverage for our most vulnerable, and solidifying the financial position of Kansas Medicaid. Finally, we must also commit ourselves to better “self-management,” a term I have coined to reflect a dedication to wellness and wholesome practice environment.



Mark Your Calendar

January 30, 2019 – Advocacy Day, Topeka, KS

April 11-13, 2019 – 2019 Internal Medicine Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 14-15, 2019 – Leadership Day 2019 on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

October 10-11, 2019 – Annual Scientific Meeting, Location TBD