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Iowa Governor's Newsletter June 2019

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William J Yost, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

William J Yost, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


Notes from the Governor

Greetings! As Governor, one of the things I intend to do is provide you, our membership, with quarterly newsletters and updates. As a native Iowan, I'll probably follow my natural inclination and link these newsletters to the seasons (aren't we all obsessed with the weather?). Consider this my spring delivery. At any rate, I think that will afford me at least one opportunity to keep you informed as to events that are noteworthy on a local, state and national level.

As you may know, the ACP Board of Governors meets twice yearly. There is a meeting in the early fall, this year in late September, and another in the spring, one that is linked to ACP's Annual Internal Medicine Meeting. The Board of Governors includes Governors from all fifty states as well as Governors from international chapters, and some of the more populous states have more than one Governor (California, Illinois, and New York, for example). I've attended two now, both as Governor-elect, and I have been thoroughly impressed by the thoughtfulness, the energy and passion, and the truly deliberative spirit that animates the process. Chapters bring resolutions for consideration and debate; some are amended, some voted down or referred for study, and others forwarded on, amended or not, for consideration by the Board of Regents. The Board of Governors is an advisory board; we don't make policy. The policies are eventually made and implemented by the Board of Regents and the Executive leadership. It's a remarkable process, though, and I can tell you with confidence that there are two consistent themes in the resolutions that are offered and discussed: what is in the best interests of the patients we serve, and what is in the best interests of the profession we love and practice. Not everyone agrees, of course, and the debates often demonstrate that we are but a microcosm of the broader national debate on public policy. However, the debates are candid, often passionate, and always respectful – it reflects well upon us as a profession.

One last thing: I would like to take a moment and very publicly thank my predecessor, Dr. Scott Vogelgesang. It will surprise none of you that know Scott to hear that he has been incredibly generous with his time and experience in helping me transition to what is an initially bewildering role. We all know how skillfully he led our Chapter over the past four years, and with what wisdom, thoughtfulness and humor he seemed to address every challenge that came our way. What you have not seen is the patient guidance and advice he has provided me every step of the way, taking me under his wing and introducing me to key people at the BOG meetings, and doing everything to ensure my success. If my tenure is successful, it will be due in no small part to Scott and the Governors that preceded him and have also been generous with time and advice. Thank you, to all of you.



Update: Annual Scientific Meeting 2019

If you attended the ACP 2019 Internal Medicine Meeting in Philadelphia this year, I hope you attended the Doctor's Dilemma®. If you didn't, I hope you'll attend in the future – it's a great opportunity to enjoy a rousing academic competition among resident teams from all over the country and from other parts of the world. The teams that competed in Philadelphia had all won state or regional competitions against their peers. Representing the Iowa Chapter this year (our first time competing in the Doctor's Dilemma) was a team of academic all-stars from the University of Iowa residency program. The team included Jeremy Steinman, Andrei Schwartz and Chris Koehn.

The Iowa team did very well! They dominated the first round, and emerged in first place among five excellent teams. They advanced to the semifinals, where they finished third in their group of five semifinalists – a very creditable top ten finish! Congratulations to an excellent team!

Also, as you're probably aware, one of the educational opportunities at the Annual Meeting is an abstract and poster presentation for medical students and residents. This year in Philadelphia our chapter was represented by two residents from the internal medicine residency at the University of Iowa. Dr. Jennifer Langstengel had a poster presentation entitled “Influenza-Associated Hemophagocytic Syndrome: A Rare Cause of Cytokine Storm.” Her colleague, Dr. Jason Cascio, also had a poster presentation, one entitled “Acute Abdomen and Crushing Chest Pain Following Surgery.”

Congratulations to both for exceptional scholarship!



A Few Words from Our Former Governor

Dr. Vogelgesang provided an update of the meeting in Philadelphia to the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Iowa. For a thought-provoking and interesting view from our former Governor, as well as some great photographs of the meeting, I encourage you to read the article .



Residents/Fellows Update

I've already shared with you the exceptional showing by our residents from the University of Iowa Internal Medicine Residency at the Annual Meeting in the Doctor's Dilemma competition and the abstract and posters presentations.

You may be interested in knowing that our four residency programs in internal medicine are well represented on our Chapter Council. Each program is represented by its Program Director (listed below) and one or more resident or fellow members. Their input is critically important and ensures that those in training – our future – have a voice.

  • MercyOne (Des Moines) – Leatrice Olson, DO, FACP
  • MercyOne (Mason City) – Linda Floden, MD, FACP
  • University of Iowa – Manish Suneja, MD, FACP
  • University of Iowa (Des Moines)/UPHDM – Tyler Schwiesow, MD, FACP

I should also inform you that the Chapter has decided to purchase gaming systems identical to those used by ACP at the annual competition for each of our four residency programs. This kind of educational activity is an excellent way to teach the facts that form the bedrock of our discipline, and will also afford ample opportunities for practice for next year's Doctor's Dilemma! You'll be able to see the state competition among our four residency programs if you attend the Progress meeting in Iowa City in late September. We hope to see you there!



Words to remember

“Acquire the art of detachment, the virtue of method, and the quality of thoroughness, but above all the grace of humility.”

William Osler, MD