Collaborative Work on Invigorating Primary Care

ACP has been working collaboratively with Primary Care Progress (PCP), a grassroots nonprofit organization that is building a network of advocates who share the vision of a healthcare system built on a robust foundation of primary care. Members from PCP leadership attended the recent PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home) Educational Summit hosted by ACP and discussed multiple opportunities available for ACP members to get involved with PCP on a local level.

PCP is a growing national grassroots network of energized primary care providers, trainees and primary care supporters coming together in local communities to engage in concrete activities that reinvigorate the field of primary care. Activities include efforts to raise awareness about the importance of primary care, to promote improvement in how care is organized and delivered, and to ensure that students and residents have the skills and knowledge to succeed in these redesigned models of providing care. Visit to learn more.

Local chapters of PCP bring together medical students, residents and primary care providers around concrete activities to promote primary care, innovate care delivery, and learn the skills necessary to work in our rapidly changing health field.

If you're interested in hearing more about PCP and what a local chapter might look like, please email