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Illinois Chapter Laureate Award Winners

1989 Charles M. Shapiro, MD, FACP
Edwin Feldman, MD, FACP
C. Anderson Hedberg, MD, FACP
Theodore Polley, MD, FACP
Albert Van Ness, MD, FACP
1990 Bernard H. Adelson, MD, PhD, FACP
Joan E. Cummings, MD, FACP
E. Richard Ensrud, MD, FACP
Krishna Kalyan-Raman, MD, FACP
H. Weston Moses, MD, FACP
1992 James T. Dove, MD, FACP
John N. Sheagren, MD, FACP
John R. Tobin, Jr., MD, FACP
James R. Webster Jr., MD, FACP
1993 Robert Kirby, MD, FACP
E. Stephan Kurtides, MD, FACP
Ann Miller Lawrence, MD, PhD, FACP
Stuard Levin, MD, FACP
1994 Serafino Garella, MD, FACP
Frank Barnes Norbury, MD, FACP
Clifford G. Pilz, MD, FACP
1995 Richard E. Katholi, MD, FACP
Marion H. Brooks, MD, FACP
Sheldon S. Waldstein, MD, FACP
Michael S. Greenberg, MD, FACP
1996 Donald R. Graham, MD, FACP
Stephanie A. Gregory, MD, FACP
1997 Janardan D. Khandekar, MD, FACP
Vesna V. Skul, MD, FACP
Sara L. Rusch, MD, FACP
1998 Patrick Fahey, MD, FACP
Michael B. Graham, MD, FACP
1999 John T. Clarke, MD, FACP
John F. Schneider, MD, PhD, FACP
Holly J. Humphrey, MD, FACP
2001 David A. Ansell, MD, FACP
Steven R. Potts, DO, FACP
2002 Donald Darling, MD, FACP
Eric P. Gall, MD, FACP
Kevin Simpson, MD, FACP
Nancy C. Dolan, MD, FACP
2003 Charles F. Downing, MD
Raymond H. Curry, FACP
2004 Joseph Solovy, MD, FACP
Hugo Alvarez, MD, FACP
Laurie Broutman, MD, FACP
Arthur G. Jones, MD, FACP
2005 Lawrence P. Jennings, MD, FACP
Warren Fury, MD, MACP
Melvin Lopata, Md, FACP
2006 Gerasim Tikoff, MD, FACP
John D. Rogers, MD, FACP
David E. Steward, MD, MACP
Stephen R. Goetter, MD, FACP
2007 James F. Graumlich, MD, FACP
Janet A. Jokela, MD, FACP
John E. Tulley, MD, FACP
2008 Susan Thompson Hingle, MD, FACP
Cheryl Rucker-Whitaker, MD, MPH, FACP
Walter S. Wood, MD, FACP
2009 Daniel F. Dilling, MD FACP
Gary M. Rull, MD FACP
2010 Vineet M. Arora, MD, MAPP, FACP
Meenakshy K. Aiyer, MD, FACP
2011 Joan C. Mullan, MD, FACP
Robert D. Palinkas, MD
2012 Jitendra Trivedi, MD, FACP
Matthew Wynia, MD, MPH, FACP
2013 James J. Foody, MD, FACP
Jean L. Holley, MD, FACP
Andrew J. Varney, MD, FACP
2014 Jacqueline Fischer, MD, FACP
David Meltzer, MD, PhD, FACP
Edem Agamah, MD, FACP - Volunteer and Community Service Award
2015 Max L. Harris, MD, FACP
William P. Marshall, MD, FACP
2016 Catherine Cheng, MD, FACP
Rajesh Govindaiah, MD, FACP
Jennie Hsu-Lumetta MD, FACP
Gregory L Damhorst - Volunteer and Community Service Award
2017 Marie T. Brown, MD, FACP
Teresa J. Lynch, MD, FACP
Vidya Sundareshan, MBBS, FACP
2018 Carlotta M Rinke, MD, FACP
John M Flack, MD, MPH, MACP
Holly A Rosencranz, MD FACP