Georgia Women Physician Leaders Honored in the Georgia House and Senate

Georgia Female Doctors Lead The Charge For Better Healthcare

On February 18, 2020,  the Georgia House and Senate honored three female Georgia physicians who lead national physicians’ professional organizations with resolutions in their respective chambers.  The  American Medical Association President Patrice Harris, MD, MA, American College of Physicians President Elect Jacqueline Winfield Fincher, MD, MACP, and American Academy of Pediatrics President Sara H. Goza, MD, FAAP.  The American Medical Association is the largest physician professional organization in the U.S. with 250,000 member. The American College of Physicians with 159,000 members representing Internal Medicine, is the largest physician specialty organization in the U.S. The American Academy of Pediatrics representing Pediatrics has 67,000 members. Each of these professional physician organization’s leadership, has a Georgia female physician  leader. These three distinguished women physicians are commended for their outstanding achievements in becoming the leaders of these prestigious national medical associations. It is acknowledged the invaluable contribution they make as role models for and inspirations to future generations of young women. The American College of Physicians Georgia Chapter acknowledges the outstanding accomplishments of Dr Jacqueline Fincher, former chapter Governor and Council Member of the Chapter.

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