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2014 Medical Students Steps to SuccessAbstract Competitions

2014 Medical Students Steps to SuccessAbstract Competitions

We had a wonderful competition at this year's Steps to Success program. Please share your congratulations with the following:


Clinical Vignette

1st place
Jonathan Dewald
Program: Ross University
Title: Chronic Budd-Chairi Syndrome with Hepatic Fibrosis, Ascites and Ileofemoral Caval Thromboses

2nd place
Jacob Alexander
Program: George Washington University
Title: A Thrombus to Remember: Portal Vein Thrombosis Treated with Thromboylsis and Thrombectomy in a 68 year Old Female


1st place
Kailin Hsu
Program: University of Maryland
Title: Lower Self-Reported Medication Adherence is Associated with Adverse Patient Safety Events in Chronic Kidney Disease

2nd place
Jacob Jones
Program: George Washington University
Title: Health Impact Assessment for High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Via Long Laterals in Livingston County, New York

Iron Med Competition -- Tie for Overall Winner
Konstantin Inozemtsev (Saba University)
Surosh Nazeer (Ross University

Student Dilemma Winners
Ten teams competed: UMMS, USUHS, Hopkins, EVMS, GWU, Howard, St. Agnes, Harbor, Good Samaritan, Union Memorial)

1st place - University of Maryland
Bradley Woodman
Ann Miller
Kristin Lohr
Rita Poon

Second place - USUHS
Alex Knobloch
Mike Meyer
Alison Lane
Alyssa Dickey