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Connecticut Governor's Newsletter September 2018

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Rebecca A. Andrews, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Rebecca A. Andrews, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


Governor's Message

Dear Colleagues,

I hope everyone had a relaxing summer. Now that the kids are in school, the Labor Day holiday has passed, and the mornings are at least theoretically cooler, we can focus on the close of 2018 and that includes our upcoming annual meeting next month. We have a host of talks that really touch on topics interesting to general internists (hospital and primary care), as well as specialists with more information here.

I will refrain from “waxing poetic,” but I would be remiss as the first female ACP Governor of the Connecticut Chapter not to mention the media generated recently around the gender pay gap. The distasteful comments from one Texas physician, whom I will not give the pleasure of naming, brought national attention to the issue. It is interesting to me that the main reasoning he used to support a gender wage gap is that female physicians do not work as much or as arduously, especially as I sit here at 11:25pm writing this. So many aspects of the media coverage and his comments have made me uncomfortable as a woman in this profession: the assumption that all women have children, the fact that even with helpful partners in heterosexual relationships women still do the majority of domestic labor (JAMA article 2017), and finally, that as a mom, a woman is presumed to be working less often due to children's illnesses etc. I cannot comment for everyone, but I woke this morning at six to do charting, made lunches for two children, pre-made dinner as I had to travel for work today, coordinated my mother to arrive on time to be home for my children, advocated for my eldest during a high school guidance meeting, called a patient to give them sad news about a diagnosis- all before I actually left for work to be there at 8:00 am. I do not begrudge my long days and I love my job, but I also think we need to consider that even if women are leaving work early or coming in later due to “kid duty,” they too may be up burning the candle late at night (like I am tonight) to complete the same volume of work. Calling patients from soccer game sidelines or while collecting a sick kid from school is still work all the same. For those women without children, are they being penalized for a possibility? Maybe it is time we recognize that “work” can happen in settings other than the desk at the office.

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. Maya Angelou

Rebecca Andrews



Save the Date! The 2018 Scientific Meeting is Right Around the Corner

October 19th will be here before you know it. This year, for the first time, the meeting will take place at the Hartford Convention Center in Hartford, CT. This new venue offers many new opportunities – expanded space for the abstract competition, larger general meeting space, and attractive areas for exhibitors, and with plenty of room to network. Online Registration is open and I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.



Local Talent Corner

Rob McLean is the President-elect for the ACP and a rheumatologist in the southern part of the state. His term will begin in April 2019. He will be in attendance and speaking at the annual meeting. This is a unique opportunity to have your voice heard by top ACP leadership.

I would like to continue to highlight any information that showcases our local talent and today am providing an excellent humanistic piece written by a local geriatrician, Jaclyn Olsen. The piece is a reminder that our patients affect our lives as much as we affect theirs. It may be worth sharing with students or other trainees we may work with.



Always Wanted to Attend The National Meeting at No Cost?

ACP Travel Grants Program

The ACP Travel Grants Program is now accepting applications for ACP's Internal Medicine Meeting 2019.

For those of you unfamiliar with the program, the ACP Travel Grants Program is sponsored by the ACP Council of Early Career Physicians with funding provided by donations from the ACP Leaders Circle (an annual contributions campaign geared towards current/past Officers, Regents and Governors).

The program provides travel support of $2,000 for up to twenty early career Members and Fellows of the College to attend ACP's Internal Medicine Meeting 2019. Although the grants will be available to all early career full members of the College, special consideration will be given to first-time attendees, physicians who serve rural or underserved populations, physicians of diverse backgrounds, and those without a significant source for CME funding.

Recipients will be required to attend certain functions such as the Opening Ceremony, the Early Career Luncheon, their individual Chapter receptions and the Young Achievers reception. In addition, we urge them to participate in other activities such as a certain number of scientific sessions, the Waxman Center, judging resident or student posters, etc.

The application is short, asking basic information and a 500-word essay answering the question, “Tell us why you wish to attend the ACP meeting and how you will use what you learn in caring for your patients” are required as part of the application package.”

The applications are due to ACP on October 15. Staff physicians will quickly review them internally and select the top 30 candidates. Recipients will be informed by November 26 via a communication from the Chair of the CECP.



Calling Chief Residents: Needed for Podcast Series

We are reaching out to ask your help in soliciting interest among Chief Residents to be part of a program Membership is developing in partnership with Annals and their new “On Call” podcast series.

Annals is working with Bob Centor, MD, MACP, (and a past-Chair of the ACP Board of Regents), to produce the series. Membership reached out to him and asked if he might mentor a few Chief Residents on how to design and produce podcasts. The Chiefs will work with Bob directly to develop content for residents about issues of interest to them. In addition, Christine Laine, MD, FACP, Editor-in-Chief of the Annals of Internal Medicine, has also suggested that a few of the podcasts could be featured in periodic episodes of the On Call podcast series itself.

To participate, the Chief Resident should send his/her name, email, a brief description of any past podcast experience and the proposed topic(s) they would like to help develop. Prior experience doing podcasts is not needed, but it will help Bob know who he will be working with on this project. Also, we'd like a brief (1 minute) audio clip to determine how the Chief Resident will sound “on air.” They should send this information to



Get Involved

Several members have seen this and sent in their forms- thank you!!! I have sent back an email to each of you and forwarded your interest to the appropriate committee. Keep them coming!

Are you a self-starter interested in developing educational opportunities, policy-setting at the state level, and collaborating with colleagues to address the professional needs of internists? Do you want more leadership experience to prepare you for future endeavors? Contact us to learn more and get involved!

Opportunities can range from one-time tasks to committee involvement or leadership roles and empower you to utilize your passion, expertise, and skills all while advancing the mission of ACP. I invite you to connect with our chapter.

The Process:

  • First, log into ACP Online to complete to chapter volunteer interest form. This will streamline the submission process by pre-populating your membership information.
  • Second, complete the interest form.
  • Third, we will follow-up with you directly within 2 weeks.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at

Click here for the Volunteer Interest Form



ACP partners with The Curbsiders to offer CME-accredited podcast series

ACP has partnered with The Curbsiders, a podcast hosted by internists, focusing on internal medicine-related topics, to launch a monthly continuing medical education (CME)-accredited series.

Recent ACP-Curbsiders podcast topics include:

These and other Curbsiders podcasts are available at and on iTunes and other podcast platforms.

After listening to the podcast, ACP members can log on to ACP's Online Learning Center to claim CME credit and maintenance of certification (MOC) points.



Did You Know You Can Earn CME Credits Today With DynaMed Plus®

DynaMed Plus provides a convenient means for obtaining CME credits. Simply sign in to your DynaMed Plus personal account or create one . As you read DynaMed Plus topics, the system tracks your activity and credits are added to your CME tab at the top of the DynaMed Plus page. When you are ready to submit, click the CME tab in the toolbar and the “Prepare for Submission” link. Certificates are stored for easy access.



Is any of the paperwork we do actually helping patients?

In an attempt to determine this answer, there is a project aimed at better understanding how physicians make decisions about the medical exemption utility assistance forms we fill out for patients. If you would like to answer the survey, please contact Peter Kahn at