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Protect California's Vulnerable Seniors

Protect California's Vulnerable Seniors

Urge Your Legislators to Oppose Forcing Dual Eligibles into Managed Care!

Dear California ACP Members,

Two years ago, the Legislature gave Medi-Cal the authority to do four "pilot projects" to redesign care for Medicare/Medi-Cal dual eligibles. The centerpiece of these pilot projects is requiring dual eligibles to enroll into Medi-Cal managed care plans.

Before these pilot projects have even started, the state is now proposing to move all dual eligibles statewide into managed care plans over the next three years. The California Chapters of the American College of Physicians agree with the California Medical Association and other physician organizations in opposing this proposed legislation. The Legislature is considering this proposal as part of the negotiations over the State Budget, which must be finished no later than Friday, June 15th, so it is essential that physicians contact their legislators right away to oppose this plan.

We ask that you and your colleagues CALL, EMAIL, or VISIT your legislators and urge them to reject forcing all dual eligibles into managed care plans!

Please call 877-362-8455, our new Legislator Connect Hotline, in order to be easily connected to your legislator. You will be asked to enter your zip code and select your Assembly Member and Senator.

Give your name, specialty and let them know that you are their constituent. Phone calls and office visits are most effective, but faxes are important too. If you or your colleagues choose to submit a fax to your legislators, we strongly encourage that you personalize the letter, which will greatly increase its impact. Click here to locate your legislator by zip code. Legislators need to know the true impact these cuts would have in their districts.

Talking Points

  • Forcing dual eligible patients into managed care plans will disrupt care and treatment for some of California's most vulnerable patients. Many dual eligible patients have longstanding relationships with their physicians that go back many years. These physicians know them and their history. If they are taken away from these physicians because of managed care, their treatment could be disrupted with disastrous consequences.
  • What the state is proposing cannot be called a "pilot project." The state is supposed to be doing "pilot projects to learn about the best ways to care for dual eligibles. Instead, the state is picking one way - managed care - and taking it statewide before any pilots can even be done.
  • My patients may not even have a chance to say that they don't want to be in managed care. The law says dual eligible patients should be able to opt out of managed care. To do that, my patients would have to know they have that right. The state has not published any forms or information for patients about how they will select the right plan or opt out. And yet, they propose to start these plans early next year.