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Member Accomplishments

If you have any current news to share about yourself or a colleague that we can celebrate, please e-mail it to Gus Chavez.

New Masters

Congratulations to Darrell W. Harrington, MD, MACP and Michael W. Peterson, MD, MACP, who were selected to become Masters of the College (MACP). To be considered for Mastership, the candidate must have made a notable contribution to medicine. This includes but is not limited to teaching, outstanding work in clinical medicine (research or practice), contributions to preventive medicine, improvements in the delivery health care, or contributions to medical literature.

Congratulations to the following chapter member who was recognized with a national ACP award at Internal Medicine Meeting 2017:

Phyllis A. Guze, MD, MACP
Alfred Stengel Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to the American College of Physicians

Kudos to the following Resident/Fellow Members and Medical Students who were winners at the 2017 Internal Medicine Meeting abstract competition:

Resident/Fellow Clinical Vignette Poster Winner
Lynette Ilano, MD, UCR School of Medicine, Riverside; Acute Kidney Injury (Aki) Risk Index in Patients with Abnormal Kidney Function Undergoing Non-Cardiovascular Surgery

Medical Student Clinical Vignette Poster Winner
Jessica Costales, Western University Health Science, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, Pomona; Corynebacterium Urealyticum: A Urinary Tract Infection with Serious Complications

The California Chapters are proud to announce the following resident and medical student Young Achievers who were honored for their academic excellence:

California Northern

Anjali Dixit, Stanford University School of Medicine
Ariana A. Hosseini
Tiffany Seto
Santo Ricceri
Colette Dejong
Amisha S. Patel, RNe
Jane Park, MD
Annie K. Hung, MD
Stephanie Hsiao, MD
Priya Jayachandran, MD
Vivian Tian, MD
George C. Leef, MD
Thomas Keller, MD
Sneha M. Sundaram, MD
Yifan Geng, MD
Stephanie Kim, MD
Jonathan H. Chen, MD
Reza Khosravani Goshtaseb, MD

California Southern 1

Negeen Shahandeh
Abraar Karan
Subir Bhatia
Emily E Miller
Kimngan Nguyen
Emily Johnson
Margarita Ivanova
Erin Meierhenry, MD
Gurdeep Jhaj, MD
Angelica L Zen, MD
Dean Ehrlich, MD
Christine A Haynes, MD
Sahar Sherf, MD
Katherine Chen, MD
Alan K John, MD
Kimberly Truong
Niraj Kumar Jani, MD
Noah Wald-Dickler, MD
Heather N Bitar, DO
Kin Wai (tony) Hung, MD
Kosal Seng, MD

California Southern II

Trina Mansour
Kevin Junus
Ebaa Alobeidi
Michelle Dilley
Lisa Dao
George Ishak MD
Deepika Narasimha, MD
Andrew Frank Bernard, DO
Cory Taylor, MD
Steven Zhao, MD
Jeffrey Hughes, MD
Brian T Lee, MD
Lakshmi L Ganesan, MD
Chung Y Cuiffo, MD
Zorawar S Noor, MD

California Southern III

Leila Haghighat
Elisa Rogowitz, MD
Satya Das, MD
Naomi Julia Serling-Boyd
Stuti J Jaiswal, MD
Pamela V Lam, DO
Emily J Martin, MD