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ACP Northern California Chapter's CECP Mission Statement

ACP Northern California Chapter's CECP Mission Statement

To enhance the professional development and quality of life of young physicians and early-career physicians in Northern California, engage them in College activities, and promote their growth within the College, in the community, and in academics.


  1. To establish and promote the highest clinical standards and ethical ideals in the work and professional lives of early career physicians;
  2. To assist early career physicians with their academic and professional needs;
  3. To develop educational programs and products of interest to early career physicians;
  4. To promote the development of programs for early career physicians at chapter/state level;
  5. To encourage productive interactions and dialogues with early career physicians in other medical specialty organizations on issues of common interest;
  6. To foster innovation and creativity in the practice and business of modern medicine through integration of emerging technologies and patient-centered medical practice; and
  7. To incorporate diversity in the composition of the Council and in its strategic objectives.