ECP Leadership Opportunities

ECP Leadership Opportunities

The Council of Early Career Physicians is seeking creative and motivated leaders like you! Being a leader in ACP as an early career physician offers unique opportunities to meet experienced members in all Internal Medicine career paths, engage in advocacy on state and national levels to shape health policy, access resources for continued learning in medicine and related disciplines, and so much more.

Please review the

Council charter for more detailed information on positions available.

To apply for a leadership position, please contact us and send us your CV/resumé and responses to the following to by February 20, 2015.

Responses to following questions:

  1. What leadership position are you applying for?
  2. Describe your unique qualifications for this leadership position. (Limit: 250 words)
  3. Describe one specific program or service you would lead or like to see implemented to serve the needs of CA Northern early career physician members of ACP. (Limit: 500 words)
  4. Write at least one original tweet about the most exciting news in medicine that you read in 2014. (May include a link or picture in the tweet.) Bonus: Send us your tweet(s) @CANOCECP! (Limit: 140 characters)

If you would like to nominate an ACP member to a leadership position in the Council of ECPs, please send an e-mail with the nominee's name, e-mail address, suggested leadership role, and a statement indicating you have spoken to them about the nomination. We will then follow up with the nominee to submit an application.