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Arkansas Chapter New Fellows and Members

Arkansas Chapter Fellows Last Sixth Months

Abid Mohiuddin, MBBS FACP

Joseph G Rose, MD FACP

Gina L McNew, MD FACP

Sonal T Bhakta, MD FACP

Mary J Burgess, MD FACP

Pooja Motwani, MBBS FACP

Shannon S Swift, MD FACP

Wassim Radwan Abd El Wahab, MBBCh FACP

Meera Mohan, MD FACP

Pankaj Mathur, MD FACP


Andres Duarte-Rojo, MD,PhD FACP

Kristen Brandon, MD FACP

Arkansas Chapter Members Last Sixth Months

Bhadresh K Kadakia, MD

Adam Huang, MD

Anil Kumar, MD

Charles Darwin Jeffers, MD

Gabriel M Randall, DO

Brian McGee, MD

Ali H Alsayed Hussain, MD

Bhakti Deshmukh, MD

Steven C Stroud, MD

Andrew Briggler, MD

Muhammad R Nazir, MD

Madhura S Borikar, MD

Wesley Cunningham, DO

Ziad Ghneim, DO

Lydia A Espinoza, MD

Swosti Roka Magar, MD

Munthir M Mansour, MD

Taylor B Alloway, MD

Jeffery B Copeland, MD

James M Mobley, MD

Swathi Subramany, MD

Johnny Khoa Nguyen, DO

Caleb Oster, DO

Mustafa Rayaz, DO

Maurauricio Garcia S De Sicilia, MD

Moses Ejiofor, MD

Nnamdi Kenechukwu Ifediora, MBBS

Greg Kendrick, MD

Albert Chinn, MD

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