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Arizona Governor's Newsletter July 2017

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Robert Aaronson, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Robert Aaronson, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


Message from the Governor


Dear Colleagues,

I hope this finds each of you well, both in and out of your practice. The beauty and heat of Arizona summer are back, and the snowbirds have moved on, so hopefully some of the pressure is off, if only for a little while. Maybe summer will bring the promise of summer vacation somewhere cooler, more time with loved ones, a chance to decompress and, hopefully, opportunity to reinvigorate.

Summer is an important time of change for us in medicine, with the days around July 1 always holding special significance. This summer, change seems to be coming faster and bigger than ever.

In Arizona, practices, hospitals and healthcare systems are realigning or merging, networks are narrowing and new regulations are on their way. I remind you that, as of October 1, 2017, we must all, by law, participate in Arizona's Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP).

Nationally, MACRA's Quality Payment Program (QPP) is here, affects all of us, but is still largely a mystery to many. Most of us are required to submit at least three months of data by the end of this year, demonstrating progress in meeting QPP goals, in order to avoid significant financial penalties. Despite this, most of us are limping along the path of value-based payment, unsure of our footing. For additional help, watch for an announcement of a workshop in early August, “Education Series on QPP”, that is designed to assist you in meeting QPP goals.

And, potentially most far-sweeping of all, but still uncertain as of this writing, is the fate of the proposed plan to repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act, potentially dramatically affecting each of us and millions of others.

The value of passionate, high-value and patient-centered care can get lost in the noise and burdens created by these regulatory and economic changes, as can the joy of being a physician.

Margaret Mead wrote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

As a practicing physician like you, I'm usually too busy focusing on my patients and the work to be done to stop and consider broader goals. Of course, each of us works to change the world one patient at a time, and together we can do even more. With over 900,000 actively practicing physicians in the United States and almost 150,000 ACP members, we can leverage this great “group of thoughtful, committed citizens,” to become extraordinarily effective and influential, both locally and nationally, in the interests of our patients, our profession and ourselves.

In the remainder of this newsletter, you'll see some of the things your Arizona ACP chapter has accomplished within the past few months, and some information about upcoming events. With your help, ACP Arizona is working to support, inform, empower and sometimes entertain our members, and to harness some of our communal energies and intelligence to promote positive change at the state and national levels.

There are also links to national ACP activities and opportunities, including the Advocates in Internal Medicine Network (AIMN). If you are not already an AIMN member, I urge you to join. This is a great way to stay informed and to lend your voice to promoting positive changes in Washington. AIMN makes it easy to be heard, whatever your opinion.

ACP is a big tent, and I encourage every member– whatever your political opinions–to participate in this, your ACP.

Finally, as always, membership remains our richest resource but is also our greatest challenge. Thank you for your continued involvement. Please watch for opportunities to help us reach out to colleagues not yet members. Tell your specialist and subspecialist internist friends why you are an ACP member, and why they should be. We need your help to remain a vital organization, in order to accomplish all you would like us to do.

I look forward to seeing you at our exciting, entertaining and informative annual Arizona Chapter Meeting, Internal Medicine 2017: Challenges and Solutions, coming up October 20-22, 2017 at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Reid Park, Tucson, AZ



Internal Medicine 2017, in San Diego!

The ACP's annual get together was an outstanding event again this year! Thousands gathered to debate, to honor, to explore! It was an impressive time for many Arizona Chapter members as they presented, competed and accepted honors! Many congratulations are in order!

Doctor's Dilemma Team Journeys to San Diego!

Maricopa Medical Center team consists of:

Ali Al-Marzooq, MD, Ghazwan Elias, MD, and Radhika Huliyar, MD


Posters and Abstracts: ACP Arizona was well-represented in the Poster and Abstracts competitions. Arizona winner Morgan Whitaker presented a poster and Geraldine Casino, MD, participated in Oral Abstract competition.



2017 Leadership Day in Washington DC

ACP Leadership Day: Arizona Advocacy in Action

By: Andrew S. Tseng, MD, MPH; Radhamani Kannaiyan, MD; Shakaib Rehman, MD, FACP

Photographs: Danny Hintze

Stepping off the plane, where we had just left the blistering summer heat of Arizona, we arrived on May 22nd, in the Nation's capital, which was covered in thick clouds and drizzling rain. Armed with smiles on our faces and unrelenting energy, we prepared to advocate for our patients. Overshadowing all of this was the tumultuous political climate surrounding healthcare reform and the announcement that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis of the new House version of the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) was to be released during our time in D.C.

We were a team of ten, including medical students (Rory Aufderheide, Bibinaz Eghtedari, Danny Hintze and Janel DeSalvo), residents (Andrew Tseng, Supreet Khare and Radhamani Kannaiyan) practicing physicians (Drs. Shakaib Rehman and Leslie-Ann Williams) and a retired physician (Dr. William S. Nevin) representing the state of Arizona.


Before for our Capitol Hill visits, we participated in an all-day orientation led by ACP physicians, lawmakers and their staff. Armed with this knowledge and invigorated by the passionate speeches throughout the day, we prepared for the visits to come, dividing ourselves into teams led by Drs. Rehman and Nevin.


The morning of Advocacy Day was cloudy and cool, the ideal weather for our walk to Capitol Hill ready to work! Despite long lines and security checks, we were right on time. We first met with the staffs of Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake. Both stated that it is very likely that the Senate will not accept the AHCA as currently written and will need further revision. Furthermore, Senator McCain continued to support our state's expansion of Medicaid and was particularly interested in transparency of prescription drug pricing.


Next, we split into teams for our subsequent meetings spread across various buildings in the Capitol. In each meeting, we discussed important issues including rethinking healthcare reform, increasing GME funding, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, combating the opioid epidemic, reducing administrative burdens and promoting liability reform.

Our meetings with Representatives who had voted for the AHCA were filled with fierce resistance to ACP's agenda, particularly with Representatives Martha McSally, Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar. We had a heated discussion with Representative Gosar's staffer, Mr. Pearson, over the estimated number of people who will lose coverage under the American Health Care Act, an argument that is now further supported by the recent release of the CBO analysis. In contrast, our meetings with the staffs of other representatives were quite cordial.

Through our efforts on Advocacy Day, we hope that we sparked interest in our legislators to think about healthcare reform beyond party lines. With the release of the CBO analysis of the revised AHCA bill just moments after we finished our last visits, showing again the staggering number of patients who will lose coverage under the House proposed plan, we have been shown once again that our voice, for our patients, is vital!

It was a day none of us will ever forget!



Arizona Physicians Elected to ACP Fellowship


A highlight of every IM Meeting is the Thursday evening Convocation. Arizona was well- represented this year as quite a few new Fellows journeyed to nearby San Diego to be recognized.

The Arizona Chapter 2016 Fellows are:

Anthony A. Aghenta, MD, FACP
Engida B. Alemu, MD, FACP
Majd Alfreijat, MD, FACP
Ali S Al-Yaqoobi, MBChB, FACP
Hamed Abbaszadegan, MD, FACP
Carie R. Barlow, MD, FACP
Gajapathiraju Chamarthi, MD, FACP
Thomas R. Cheek, MD, FACP
Tapash K. Das, MD, FACP
Bidur Dhakal, MD, FACP
Neha Gupta, MBBS, FACP
Janelle D. Jones, MD, FACP
Michael J Keberlein, MD, FACP
Juliana M. Kling, MD, FACP
Rajesh Kotagiri, MBChB, FACP
Shahed Lewis Brown, MD, FACP
Bharat Magu, MBBS FACP
Nadhiwan S. Maisiak, MD, FACP
Konstantinos Marinos Parperis, MD, FACP
William J. Martone, MD, FACP
Manjunath Nathan, MBBS, FACP
Yvonne L. Patterson, MD, FACP
John F. Rausch, Jr., MD, FACP
Srinath Sundararajan, MBBS, FACP
Kevin Virk, MD, FACP
Julie A. Wendt, MD, FACP
Steven Wool, MD, FACP
Matthew W. Wright, MD, FACP




AZ Chapter-Day at the Arizona State Legislature

This past February 1st, a large group of ACP members, held an informative and very interesting “Day at the Arizona State Legislature.” Highlights of the day in the Majority Caucus Room at the State Capitol, were face-to-face visits with individual State legislators and helpful information about how to lobby. Pictured are interested Chapter members, attending the event – This legislative action “stuff” is exciting!!

Watch for announcements of 2018 Day at the Arizona State Legislature…it is an experience you will enjoy and remember!!




ACP Arizona extends Congratulations to 2017 Arizona IM Resident Graduates

This is the time of year we say hello to new medical students and residents all over the state, and goodbye to some valuable medical school and residency colleagues. We would like to acknowledge the recent Internal Medicine Resident Grads from vital programs around the state.

2017 Residency Grads

Canyon Vista

Ali Nasir, DO
Sarah Richards, DO
Omar Waheed, DO

Dignity Health – St. Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center


Mohammed Abdel Hafiz, MD
Taaran Cariappa Ballachanda Subbaiah, MD
Sravya Dasyam, MD
Mohan Dutt, MD
Rishi Harry, MD
Sami Hoshi, MD
Manraj Khosla, MD
Shruti Mony, MD
Mohit Pahuja, MD

Mayo Clinic


Wint Aye, MBBCh, BAO
Zachary Berg, MD
Jonathan Callaway, MD
Kristal Choi, MD
W. Travis Love, MD
Chelsea McGarvey, MD
Katie Murphy, MBBCH, BAO
Nina Tazi, MD
Regan Seipp, MD
Jack Short, MD
Gretchen Taylor, MD

Maricopa Medical Center

Yasir Abdulqader, MD
Charlene Adrian, DO
Mustafa Alani, MD
Muhsen Al-Ani, MD
Amira Attya, MD
Danish Atwal, MD
Amirali (Amir) Kiyani, MD
Kassandra (Kassi) Kosinski Romero, MD
Nicholas Le, MD
Angelena (Angie) Lopez, MD
Isela Padilla, DO
Julia Park, MD
Raymond (Ray) Romero, MD
Gurbir Sehmbey, MD
Joshua Tan, DO
Dina Zeki, MD

Mountain Vista Medical Center

chapnews_az_201707_p13.jpg chapnews_az_201707_p14.jpg

Fadi Arodaki, DO
Kelly Carver, DO

University of Arizona, COM-T IM Residency Program


Jennifer Aranas, MD
Aung Bajaj, MD
Jawad Bilal, MD
Onyee Chan, MD
Shaun Chatelain, DO
Nathan (Nan) Chen, MD
Hem Desai, MBBS
Azadeh Fotouhie, MD
Pryce Gaynor, MD
Sohail Habibi, MD
Abigail Hawke, MD
Rebin Kader, DO
Manjinder Kaur, DO
Ryan Martinez, MD
Iwan Nyotowidjojo, MD
Christine Oxley, MD
Nour Alhoda Parsa, MD
Thu Pham, MD
Yuki Sakai, MD
Kawanjit Surapur, MD
Aakash Shah, MD
Halie Shah, MD
Kristina Skinner, DO
Anne Spichler Moffarah, MD
John (Tuong) Ta, MC,USU
David Testa, MD
Simon Tong, MD
Yunuen Valenzuela, MD

University of Arizona, COM-P IM Residency Program

Tyler Aasen, DO
Zeshan Ahmad, MD
Rose Basnyat, MD
Jeans Choi, MD
Samuel Choulet, MD
Gregory Dodaro, MD
Marnonette Marallag, MD – Chief Year
Regan Memmott, MD – Chief Year
Brttany Muscha, MD – Chief Year
Peter Nguyen, MD
Kurt Olson, MD
Mike Pham, DO
Meera Ramanathan, MD – Chief Year
Michael Rogers, MD
Luke Seibolt, MD
Nafis Shamsid-deen, MD
Lisa Speiser, DO
Nicholas Thomson, MD
Steve Tseng, DO
Kevin Zuidema, DO

University of Arizona South Campus


Akinbola Ajayi-Obe, MD
Rhonda Alkatib, MD
Senthil Anand, MD
Jessica August, MD
Norman Beatty, MD
Lance Bechtold, MD
Muhammad Husnain, MD
Faraz Jaffer, MD
Kai Rou Tey, MD
Shabnam Yekta, MD

Verde Valley

Douglas Andersen, DO
Rayna Doll, DO
Joon Kim, DO
Elizabeth Sauvage, DO

chapnews_az_201707_p17.jpg chapnews_az_201707_p18.jpg chapnews_az_201707_p19.jpg chapnews_az_201707_p20.jpg



Awards and Recognition

Fellowship: There are many physicians among our membership worthy of recognition. Advancement to fellowship is one that just takes a small amount of organization of a curriculum vitae and obtaining sponsorship letters. There are several ways for member physicians to achieve this recognition. View the ACP Fellowship page for more information.

Please consider nominating a chapter member for one of the following awards:

Laureate Award - Criteria:

  • Fellow or Master
  • Senior physician
  • Demonstrated excellence to medical care, education, or research
  • Excellence and peer approval in the field of internal medicine
  • Service to community, chapter, and the ACP Nominations must document attributes and accomplishments which fulfill the above criteria.

Volunteerism and Community Service - Criteria

  • Member, Fellow, or Master
  • Distinguished volunteer work done as a physician and medically related
  • Activity does not represent service performed as part of training or job

Nominations should document:

  • The range and scope of the volunteer and community services
  • Whether the nominee been a leader in initiating, developing, or implementing volunteer programs
  • Whether the nominee's contributions been sustained over time
  • How have the characteristics of the nominee that have made him/her a role model inspired other physicians or medical trainees to participate in volunteer and community service

We award the Laureate and Volunteerism Awards at our Annual meeting but need your help to nominate candidates!! Please email your nominations to the Awards Committee, via our Executive Director Dixie Swan.



New Patient Education Programming via the Wellness Network

ACP and The Wellness Network are partnering to deliver new patient education programming that will be available via The Wellness Network's Patient Channel, an in-hospital TV network and online portal.

ACP members will have access to the Patient Channel library of over 107 disease and medication management, wellness and patient safety videos that can be viewed by patients during an office visit or at home. Programming topics include heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, COPD, joint replacement, medication management, and more.

To learn more, visit The Wellness Network page.



ACP's Special Interest Groups

ACP's Special Interest Groups provide members with opportunities to engage in discussions online, share ideas, and support one another professionally and personally.

Participate by joining as many groups as you would like, then connect with ACP members from all over the world with similar interests. Groups include:

ACOs/New Practice Models | African American Members | Caring for Adults with Developmental Disability | Clinical Problem-Solving | Clinical Research | Emerging Technologies | Genetics and Genomic Medicine | High Value Care | Hospital Medicine | LGBT Health | Maintenance of Certification | Medical Students | MKSAP | Obesity Medicine | Perioperative Medicine | Physician Educators | Point-of-Care Ultrasound | Re-entry Physicians | Sex- and Gender-Specific Medicine | Small Practices | Volunteerism | Women in Medicine | Work/Life Balance | Working Abroad

Join today.

Interested in a topic not listed? Contact ACP to ask about forming a new group.



Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter Rewards Program

The American College of Physicians and the Arizona Chapter encourages all members to help strengthen our chapter by recommending ACP membership to colleagues. YOU KNOW the benefits of joining ACP – now it is your turn to SPREAD THE WORD!!

To thank you for your dedication to our organization, ACP offers incentives to you and the chapters that recruit new members through the Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter (RACC) Rewards Program.

As with the national Recruit-a-Colleague Program, the RACC Program rewards YOU with dues credits for each new full Member or Physician Affiliate member recruited PLUS a chance to win a trip to the annual Internal Medicine meeting – 2018 will be in New Orleans!! In addition, your Chapter will be in line for funding for chapter activities and complimentary registrations to the San Diego IM Meeting in 2017.

The 2017-18 Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter Rewards Program runs until March 1, 2018.

For more information, visit the RACC page. To qualify for the program, make sure that your name is on the recruiter line of the application, and that the form includes the code RACC.

Everybody wins!!



New Fellows in the Last 6 Months

Gerald S. Asin, MD, FACP
Anthony V. Torres, MD, FACP
Rene J Beckham, MD, FACP
Dung T. Nguyen, DO FACP
Mary Margaret Jones, MD, FACP
Osaf Ahmed, MBBS FACP
Brenda L. Shinar, MD, FACP
Rinely R. Aguiar-Olsen, MD, FACP
Heather M. Bartz, DO FACP
Adonis Jabbour, MD, FACP
Alejandro Chapa Rodriguez, MD, FACP
Richard V. Guthrie, DO FACP
Bhupinder Singh Natt, MD, FACP
Adebisi Alli, DO, FACP
Shilpa Lankala, MD, FACP
Dan Capampangan, MD, FACP



New Members in the Last 6 Months

Francis S. Burgos, MD
Sandhya Venugopal, MBBS
Jennifer E. Hall, DO
Roselyne T. Vutien, MD
Ermias A. Gebre, MD
Fadi Arodaki, DO
Rorak Hooten, MD
Iwan S. Nyotowidjojo, MD
Abdullah Jamil Siddiqui, MBBS
Preethi William, MBBS
William T. Love, MD
Kurt L. Olson, MD
Manjinder Kaur, DO
Jennifer L. Aranas, MD
Muhammad Omar Salim, DO
Zachary M. Berg, MD
Sarah N. Patel, MD
Praveen Bere, MBBS
Norman L. Beatty, MD
Brittane T. Parker, MD
Zaynb Hassan, MD
Edward R. Maharam, MD
Akshay Amaraneni, MD
Rebin Kader, DO
Kassandra J. Kosinski, MD
Gauri Behari, MD
Aakash S. Shah, MD
Mustafa Khan Ahmed, MD
Peter H. Nguyen, MD
Danish Atwal, MD
Regan M. Seipp, MD
Pryce T. Gaynor, MD
Steve K. Tseng, DO
Charlene Adrian, DO
Yuki Sakai, MD
Kristal S. Choi, MD
Gurbir S. Sehmbey, MD
Lance L. Bechtold, MD
Kelly J. Aarsvold, MD
Melony Chakrabarty, MD
Philip LeSueur, MD
Nora Odisho, DO
Rustan H. Sharer, MD
Warren C. Carll, DO
Thu N. Pham, MD
Faraz Jaffer, MD
Jessica August, MD
Wint T. Aye, MD
Muhammad Husnain, MD
Rhonda E. Alkatib, MD
Ashley L. Garrett, MD
Aalap Narichania, MD
Jennifer M. Segar, MD
Lindsey R. Trutter, MD
Bianca S. Zangeneh, MD
Abigail S. Hawke, MD
Shabnam Yekta, MD
Nicholas H. Le, MD
Azadeh F. Fotouhie, MD
Halie P. Shah, MD
Yuzana Zaw, MD
David C. Testa, MD
Leopoldo M. Cobos, MD
Samuel R. Choulet, MD
Gregory C Dodaro, MD
Mike D. Pham, DO
Michael J. Rogers, MD
Luke Seibolt, MD
Nafis A Shamsid-Deen, MD
Nicholas C Thomson, MD
Rose Basnyat, MD
Juan A. Sandoval, MD
Amira Attya, MBChB
Yasir Abdulqader, MD
Sarah Richards, DO
Mustafa Al Ani, MBChB
Muhsen Al Ani, MBChb
Amirali Kiyani, MD
Angelena Lopez, MD
Isela Padilla, DO
Julia Park, DO
Raymond Romero, MD
Dina Zeki, MBChB
Mohamed Abdel Hafiz, MD
Taaran C. Ballachanda Subbaiah, MD
Sravya Dasyam, MD
Sami Hoshi, MD
Manraj Khosla, MD
Shruti Mony, MD
Mohit Pahuja, MD
Rishi Inder Harry, MD
Luke J. Mountjoy, DO
Robert D. Greer, MD
Nan Chen, MD
Nour Parsa, MD
Ryan A. Martinez, MD
LT Tuong C Ta, MC USN
Hem H. Desai, MBBS
Christine Oxley, MD
Kristina A. Skinner, DO
Anne Spichler Moffarah, MD
Simon C. Tong, MD
Jonathan K. Callaway, MD
Chelsea J. McGarvey, MD
Katie Murphy, MBBCh
Akinbola A. Ajayi-Obe, MD
Steven Nuanes, DO
John Deguzman, MD
Travis Fisher, MD
Julia Indik, MD
Amruta Vadnerkar, MD
Pedro Quiroga, MD
Lisa A Yamamoto, DO
Madiha Sajjad, MD
Roxanne Orbegoso, MD
Jennifer Cortes, MD

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