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Chapter Council

Chapter Council

  • Daniel Abouganem, MD, FACP
  • Aron Benzadon Cohen, MD, FACP
  • Anarellys Quintana, MD
  • Nuria de Tortosa, MD, MACP
  • Florin Rotar, MD
  • Luis Quiel
  • Giselle Rodriguez, MD, FACP
  • Jorge Sinclair, MD, FACP
  • Eric Javier Ulloa Isaza, MD, FACP
  • Esthefani Robles
  • Rossana Read Aulestia, MD, FACP

Chapter Leaders

  • Daniel Abouganem, MD, FACP - Other
  • Ana Belen Arauz Rodriguez - Woman's Health
  • Gasper M Perez Jimenez - Early Career Physicians
  • Anarellys Quintana, MD - Resident/Fellow Members-Chief Resident
  • Giselle Rodriguez Mendez MD, FACP - Other
  • Ana Gabriela Suarez - Medical Student & REsident/Fellow Members
  • Jorge Sinclair, MD, FACP - Other
  • Nuria de Tortosa, MD, MACP - Chapter Treasurer
  • Nestor Sosa, MD, FACP - Health and Public Policy/Advocacy