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July 2016 Newsletter

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GOVERNOR'S NEWSLETTER                                                       July 2016
In This Issue
  • From the Desk of the Governor
  • Educational & Scientific Committee Activities
  • Congratulations to Winners!
  • Block Your Calendar
  • Internal Medicine Meeting 2016
  • Other Promotional Activity
  • Upcoming Events
  • Membership Renewal
  • New Fellows
  • New Members
  • Attractive Offers for Members
S.B. Gupta, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

S.B. Gupta, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

From the Desk of the Governor

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to share that we had a very successful 1st ACP India Chapter Congress – Medicine 2016 which was held from 1-3 April, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency, Sahar, Mumbai. This was attended by over 400 practicing physicians, residents, Fellows-in-training and medical students from across India. 95% percent of the attendees rated the meeting ‘good to excellent’ of whom 91% said they would recommend it to a colleague.

We were honored by the presence and participation of Dr. Wayne J. Riley, President - American College of Physicians (2015-2016) and Dr. Tanveer P. Mir, Chair, Board of Regents (2015-2016). The fact that they took time out from their very busy schedule to be in our midst, reiterates the commitment of ACP leadership to India and the promise they see in the growth of this Chapter. They felt that the quality of the meeting was extremely high and as good as any ACP meeting in the USA.

It was also a great pleasure to have Dr. Quazi Tarikul Islam, Interim Governor, ACP Bangladesh Chapter as a Special Invitee at the conference. The faculty from both the USA and India was excellent as we had some of the senior most physicians share their knowledge and expertise. I would like to take this opportunity to specially thank Sanjiv Chopra, MD, MACP; George Abraham, MD, FACP; Debasish Dasgupta, MD, FACP and Vijay Rajput, MD, FACP who flew down at their own expense, to share their passion as internists and seasoned members of the College. A word of thanks to Sanjeev Arora, MD, MACP and his team who could not be with us in person, but participated through video conferencing from the USA.

The response for abstracts was overwhelming as 36 physicians submitted 39 abstracts for platform and poster presentations. Twelve of these abstracts were shortlisted for platform presentations.

This meeting would not have been possible without the support of Macleods, USV, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Eris Pharma, Lupin, Sanofi, Celon Labs, Mylan, Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur and Boehringer Ingelheim. My heartfelt thanks to each one of them for their contribution to the success of the conference.

It was however disappointing that of more than 500 ACP members in India only 28 attended the first Chapter Congress. I would like to see more engagement and participation from the Fellows and Members in the coming months.

The ACP India Chapter recruited the highest number of Members/ Fellows in the year 2015-16 through the Recruit-a Colleague Chapter Program Rewards (RACC) and was rewarded by ACP headquarters for the same. I thank all those who helped us achieve this and request and encourage each one of you to participate in the ACP Recruit-a-Colleague Chapter Rewards Program so the Chapter can grow and become one of the largest Chapters outside the USA. For details visit. Today the total membership in India is 567.

Last month I attended the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2016 held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. from 5-7 May, 2016. It was preceded by the Board of Governors Meeting, an excellent forum to network and learn. We hope to replicate some of the programs at our Chapter meeting in India. There were a total of 16 attendees from India. It was a proud moment to lead the Indian delegation at the Convocation Ceremony held on Thursday, 5 May, 2016 where 5 physicians were conferred the Fellowship of the College. Unfortunately 59 other physicians were invited to the Convocation but could not attend the same.

It was wonderful to meet with the new President of ACP, Nitin S. Damle, MD, MS, FACP and the new Chair, Board of Regents, Thomas G. Tape, MD, FACP who commenced office at the end of the Internal Medicine Meeting 2016. I wish them all success in the coming year.



From Left to Right: Shriram V. Kulkarni, MD, FACP; Nitin S. Damle, MD, MS, FACP, President of ACP (2016-2017) along with Mrs. Damle; S.B. Gupta, MD, FACP, Governor, ACP India Chapter; Tanveer P. Mir, MD, MACP, Immediate Past Chair, Board of Regents, at a dinner for the International Chapters.

I look forward to your continued support in organizing CME programs in your region that ACP could endorse and reaffirm that it is a knowledge leader.

Warm regards,

S.B. Gupta, MD, FACP

Educational & Scientific Committee Activities


The 1st ACP India Chapter Congress – Medicine 2016 was held from 1 to 3 April, 2016 at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Sahar, Mumbai. A day prior, the 4th Advisory Council Meeting was held at the venue. Dr. Wayne J. Riley, President – American College of Physicians (2015-2016), joined the meeting and shared his vision for ACP in India.



Dr. Wayne J. Riley, President – ACP (seventh from left) with the members of the Advisory Council and George M. Abraham, MD, FACP, Governor Massachusetts Chapter (second from left)

S. B. Gupta, MD, FACP, Governor, ACP India Chapter, welcomed the attendees to the first Chapter Congress that brought together the leadership of American College of Physicians - Wayne J. Riley, MD, MACP, President - American College of Physicians, Tanveer P. Mir, MD, MACP, Chair, Board of Regents (2015-2016), Masters and Fellows of the college from the USA & India and eminent faculty from India.



Traditional Lamp being lit at the inaugural session by Dr. Quazi Tarikul Islam, Interim Governor, ACP Bangladesh Chapter. Others in the picture from left to right: Dr. S.B. Gupta – Governor, ACP India Chapter, Dr. Rachakonda Sarma – Secretary, ACP India Chapter, Dr. Wayne J. Riley, President – ACP (2015-2016), Dr. Tanveer P. Mir, Chair – Board of Regents (2015-2016)



V. Mohan, MD, MACP speaking on ‘We can Change the Natural History of Diabetes at Every Stage of the Disorder’, on day 3 of the Congress.

The three day conference was designed for general internists, hospitalists, subspecialists in internal medicine, family physicians, general practitioners, and residents & fellows in internal medicine and subspecialties. The conference had sessions and panel discussions on critical health topics like ‘Obesity in India’, ‘Approach to the Indian Diabetic’, ‘Rationale of the use of Antimicrobial Agents', ‘Spondarthritides' and other important topics in internal medicine.



Dr. S.B. Gupta, Dr. Wayne J. Riley, Dr. Tanveer P. Mir, Dr. N.P. Singh, Vice-President, ACP India Chapter and Dr. Niranjan Rathod, Treasurer, ACP India Chapter, at the valedictory session.



A rapt and attentive audience.

The Congress commenced with two excellent workshops that ran simultaneously and were well attended and also greatly appreciated. The workshops were on ‘Research Methodology’ by Rachakonda Sarma, MD, FACP from Chennai and on ‘PFT’ by Dr. Dipti Ghoti from New Delhi.



Rachakonda Sarma, MD, FACP presenting to a full house on ‘Research Methodology’



Dr. Dipti Ghoti giving a presentation on ‘PFT’

The Congress was a wonderful platform that gave many Residents and Fellow-in-training an opportunity to present their abstracts and e-posters to a very august gathering. All participants were given certificates by Dr. Riley and Dr. Mir and winners in each session took home cash prizes.



Poster presentations at the 1st ACP India Congress – Medicine 2016



Poster presentations being judged by Vijay Rajput, MD, FACP and Suchitra Behl, MD, FACP

List of Participants and Topics for Poster Presentations

S.V. Kulkarni Affordable technology based comprehensive & cost reduction strategies in Non-communicable diseases (NCD) & specific reference to Type 2 diabetes management in rural Maharashtra.

Bharat Panigrahy Clinical Vignettes

M.Q. Ali Ileus due to an unsuspecting dyselectrolytemia: A case report.

P. George Isolated bone pain at 40: A late presentation of homozygous sickle cell disease.

P. George Toxidrome from ‘wrongly identified herbal medicine’.

Kauser M.M. Serendipity- Chronic diarrhea unraveled

Neha Pabari Disseminated Cysticercosis – in search of optimal management.

Mujeeb Nasrulla Study of vitamin B12, folic acid and homocysteine levels with special reference to cognitive status in elderly individuals

Sushma Yadav Caregiver burden of geriatric population residing in urban area, Karnataka

A.A. Sherif Prevalence of aspirin Non-response in acute ischemic stroke and its association with plasma isoprostane levels …

G.R. Reddy A case Of young male with hurting legs- An interesting encounter in AIIMS Hospital

Jishnu N. Nair C reactive protein levels in diabetic foot infections

Venugopalan D.P. Birds of a feather flock together

Rubin G. Myocardial injury after non cardiac surgery (Mins)- A prospective cohort analysis

Saminathan S.S. Emperor's new spots

Pandey S. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Tuberculosis: A four year trend in a tertiary care hospital in Southern India

Manoj Job Central nervous system paradoxical worsening in immunocompetent patients with Tuberculosis -A case series.

Sanjay Godbole Chlorthalidome Induced Hypomatremia - A cause for concern

Sooraj S. Nair Infundibulo-Neurohypophysitis as a rare manifestation of Type III Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome – A Clinical Vignette

Deepthi Laldayal Role of adjusted neck circumference score for screening of obstructive sleep apnea

Bansal S. Mortality prediction in Chronic Interstitial Lung Diseases: TNMC-ILD-GAP model

Mahesh M. A Correlative Study of Carotid-Intima Media Thickness and Epicardial Fat Thickness in patients with and without Metabolic Syndrome

G.R. Reddy Threads In The Lungs- An Interesting Encounter In AIIMS ICU

M. Tapadia Swollen tendon and degenerated Cerebellum: Cerebro Tendinous Xanthomatosis - three cases.

M. Suresh Kumar Prevalence of depression among patients with breast cancer

Cinzia S. Keechilot Frequency of occult Hepatitis B infection in HBsAg seronegative blood donors in a tertiary care hospital in Kochi, Kerala

Manisha Arthur Clinico-radiological profile of tuberculous meningitis with hydrocephalus – 6 year experience from a South Indian tertiary care centre

Tina George Risk Factors for acquiring Scrub Typhus

Krishna S. Nair Novel Haematological Biomarkers for prognosticating outcome in Non-traumatic sub arachnoid haemorrhage.

Amit Kumar Epidemiology and outcome of ICU acquired infections in a tertiary care hospital in India

Binny Prabhu Changing scenario of Blood Stream Fungal Infections – A South Indian experience

M. Moni Sepsis registry in a tertiary care hospital – A 9 month observational study

Devarajan S. A Blend of sesame oil and rice bran oil lowers hyperglycaemia and improves the lipid profile in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Jonathan A. J. Acute pancreatitis due to Malaria: A case series of five patients

Angel Miraclin T. Clinical profile and direct medical costs in hospitalised patients with tuberculosis and impact on treatment outcomes.

Ulhas Barve Clinical profile of Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDRTB)/ extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDRTB) patients at a Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (DR- TB) Center, Mumbai

M. A. Waghmare Treatment outcomes of Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

G. Karthik Spectrum of cardiac manifestations and its relationship to the outcomes in patients admitted with Scrub typhus.

Manjunath M. They like me, they like me not?

Congratulations to Winners!

1st Prize Winners for Poster Presentations

G. R. Reddy A case of young male with hurting legs- an interesting encounter in AIIMS Hospital

Bansal S. Mortality prediction in chronic interstitial lung diseases: TNMC-ILD-GAP model

Kauser M.M. Serendipity- chronic diarrhea unraveled

2nd Prize Winners for Poster Presentations

A. A. Sherif Prevalence of aspirin Non-response in acute ischemic stroke and its association with plasma isoprostane levels …

Manisha Arthur Clinico-radiological profile of tuberculous meningitis with hydrocephalus – 6 year experience from a South Indian tertiary care centre

Sushma Yadav Caregiver burden of geriatric population residing in urban area, Karnataka

1st Prize Winners for Platform Presentations

Tina George Risk Factors for acquiring Scrub Typhus

G. Karthik Spectrum of cardiac manifestations and its relationship to the outcomes in patients admitted with Scrub typhus.

2nd Prize Winners for Platform Presentations

M. Moni Sepsis registry in a tertiary care hospital – A 9 month observational study

Jonathan A. J. Acute pancreatitis due to Malaria: A case series of five patients






 Winners receiving certificate & prize from Dr. Riley and Dr. Mir

Block Your Calendar

The 2nd ACP India Congress – Medicine 2017 will be held in New Delhi in August 2017. Exact dates and details to follow soon on

Internal Medicine Meeting 2016

The Internal Medicine Meeting 2016 was held from 5 to 7 May 2016 at the Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C. It was a wonderful platform to learn and interact with other members of ACP. The meeting had over 200 educational and interactive workshops which had case-based sessions on issues faced in patient management. A grand convocation ceremony was held on 5 May, 2016. Sixty four fellows from India were invited to participate in the convocation, however only Manish Agarwal, MD, FACP; Sandeep Budhiraja, MD, FACP; Shriram V. Kulkarni, MD, FACP; Anuj Maheshwari, MD, FACP; Asha N. Shah, MD and Mangesh Harihar Tiwaskar, MD, MBBS, FACP were able to attend the convocation and receive their fellowship. Dr. S.B. Gupta, Governor, ACP India Chapter, was proud to lead the Indian contingent.



S.B. Gupta, MD, FACP, Governor – ACP India Chapter, along with the ACP Fellows at the convocation ceremony

Other Promotional Activity

Suchitra Behl, MD, FACP and Senior Consultant of Endocrinology, shared with participants, ACP membership benefits and resources at a workshop on Metabolic Clinics in North India held on Sunday, 7 February, 2016 at Fortis C-Doc Hospital, New Delhi.



 Dr. Suchitra Behl engaged with the audience

Upcoming Events

ACP India Chapter is happy to endorse a workshop on ‘Biologics, Motility and More…’ organised by Department of Gastroenterology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences to be held from 3 to 4 September, 2016 at Hotel Marriott, Edappally, Kochi. The two day workshop will feature Scientific Sessions from International and National experts from the USA & India.

Those interested in attending the Workshop may please contact Dr. Harshavardhan Rao, Ms. Preethi or Ms. Deepthy on +91 96544 23506 or you can email at For more details visit

Membership Renewal

ACP's membership dues year begins on July 1, 2016 please pay your dues by June 30, 2016 to maintain your membership in good standing.

You may pay in USD or INR. To pay in USD please visit To pay in INR, download the membership renewal form, complete the form and send along with payment to ACP India office, C/o MCI Management India Pvt. Ltd., 203, B Wing, Citi Point, J.B. Nagar, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400059. For any enquiry related to membership you can also call us at +91 (22) 6695 6642

Note: At the time of renewal, Fellows, Full Members and Physician Affiliate Members need to pay an additional US $10 towards chapter dues. This would help the chapter in its efforts to engage with members across the country through educational activities throughout the year.

New Fellows

Fellowship is an honor achieved by those recognized by their peers for personal integrity, superior competence in internal medicine, professional accomplishment, and demonstrated scholarship. The Chapter recognizes and congratulates the following physicians who were elected to Fellowship in the College in the past 6 months:

Anup Kumar Bhattacharya, MD, FACP
Sandeep Budhiraja, MD, FACP
Vijay Kumar Garg, MD, FACP
Virendra Goyal, MD, FACP
Uday M. Jadhav, MD, FACP
Sachin Kumar Jain, MD, FACP
Mary John, MD, FACP
Dinesh Khullar, MD, FACP
Shriram V. Kulkarni, MD, FACP
Krishna Kumar, MD, FACP
Vinod Mittal, MD, FACP
Satya Mysore, MBBS, FACP
Partha Sarthi Mukherjee, MBBS, FACP
Kota K. Pareek, MD, FACP
Anupam Prakash, MD, FACP
Nirmalya Roy, MD, FACP

New Members

We are proud to welcome the following members who have joined the Chapter during the past 6 months:

CDR Ayaz M. Ahmed, MD
Raghu Ramulu Ananthoju, MD
Anshum Aneja, MBBS
Kamal Baghi, MD
Narayan Banerjee, MD
Rajeev Bansal, MD
Vinod Batra, MD
Vishal Chander, Bhambri, MD
Abha Bhargava, MD
Archana Bhargava, MBBS
Deepak Bhasney, MD
Prem Dorjee Bhutia, MD
Sangram Biradar, MD
Manish Jawarilal Bothara, MBBS
Asmath Buchi Babu, MD
Gagandeep Chadha, MBBS
Debdutta Chatterjee, MD
Shyamal Das, MD
Ramesh Dasarathan, MD
Ravi Dutt, MBBS
Rajiv Ranjan Dutta, MD
Iqbal Ahmad Ganale, MD
Gunjan Garg, MD
Sumeet Garg, MD
Swapnil Gautam, MBBS
Alexander K George, MD
Manas Ghosh, MBBS
Dalbir Singh Ghuman, MD
Navneet Singh Gill, MBBS
Satish Gosavi, MD
Ashutosh Goyal, MD
Neelsh Goyal, MD
Chandra Pal Gupta, MD
Gaurav Gupta, MD
Prakash Om Gupta, MD
Pramod Kumar Gupta, MD
Sanjay Gupta, MD
Abdul Hamid Hassan, MBBS
Dibyajyoti M. Hazarika, MBBS
Seema Jamwal, MD
Daniel A Joseph, MBBS
Tamilarasu Kadhiravan, MD
Tanaya Kakati, MBBS
Jugal Kishore Kar, MD
Nisar Ahmad Khan, MD
Wasim Khan, MBBS
Kratika Khanna, MBBS
Jalli Gahpala Kishore, MD
Praveen Kumar Koppula, MD
Sisir Kumar Mahapatrao, MD
Pratyush Miglani, MD
Pooja Misra, MD
Aziz Ullah Mohammed, MD
Rajesh Mohan, MD
Laxmi Kanta Mohanty, MD
Sadananda B. Naik, MD
Umamaheshwari Nirkaje, MBBS
Vikram B. Okaly, MD
Mani Sankar Pal, MD
Kamal Kishore Pandita, MD
Smruti Rajnikant Patel, MD
Kaiser Pathan, MD
Nikhil P. Patil, MD
Tangi Raidev Patro, MBBS
Parthasarathy K. Pazhayaveetil, MBBS
Dwijendra Prasad, MD
Vadm Mahaveera Bn Prasad V, MD
Ramulu Pulimaddi, MD
Vinod Gundubhai Rakholia, MD
G D Ramchandani, MD
Mousumi Roy, MBBS
Gurpal S. Sackdeva, MD
Mukul Kumar Saha, MD
Ajay Sahdev, MBBS
Santosh Saklecha, MBBS
Prashanthi Vidyasagar Sangu, MD
Suresh Sankarasubbaiyan, MD
Mohit Saran, MBBS
V Seshadri, MD
Yeluri Seshagirirao, MD
Arati Ambrish Shadhade, MD
G Shankar, MD
Ashish Kumar Sharma, MD
Mandeep Singh, MBBS
Senthil Kumar Sivasubramaniyam, MD
Krishnaraju Suresh, MBBS
Imran Ahmed Syed, MBBS
Tushar Tayal, MD
Ayusmati Thakur, MD
Sandeep Thakur, MD
Senthilraj Thangasami, MD
Pavan Tudi, MD
Zubin M. Vaid, MD
Tarun Varma, MD
Rajendran Velayudham, MD
Indira Vij, MBBS
Jagdish Vishnoi, MD
Manju Bhudeo Wadikhaye, MD
Prashant Ramakant Waichal, MD

Attractive Offers for Members

Recordings from Internal Medicine Meeting 2016

Did you miss the Annual Medicine Meeting 2016? Don't worry!! We now have the recording from the last Annual Medicine Meeting 2016 held from 5 - 7 May, 2016 at Washington D.C. You can order your copy in the format you like, from here. These will help you with the insights captured from the meeting which you can listen to, at your convenience.

MKSAP 16 offer valid till 31 December, 2016 (till stocks last)

ACP is pleased to make another special offer to medical institutions in low/low-middle income countries as defined by the World Bank Economic Indicators. The College will donate one set of Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) 16 Print books or up to 3 individual books of the same sub-specialty section and 9 individual sub-specialty books in total, to medical institutions, while supplies last, until December 31, 2016. The institution would only need to pay for shipping (1-3 individual books - $25, 4-9 individual books - $60, MKSAP 16 all books - $60). Medical institutions include hospitals, training programs, clinics and other similar facilities where there are groups of internists who would benefit from this excellent educational resource.

As you may know, the newest edition, MKSAP 17 was published this year, so MKSAP 16 has reached the end of its sales cycle. The clinical guidance in MKSAP 16 is still current, however, which is why we would like to donate remaining books to institutions that could use them.

An ACP Master, Fellow or Member can complete the form on behalf of the institution. You would need to indicate who would receive this shipment and payment information for the shipping charges. More information about MKSAP 16 can be found here.

Contact the ACP International Programs office at with questions.