Member News

Members who advanced to Mastership during past 5 years

(May 2021) Since 2016, Canadian Chapters have had multiple members advance to Mastership. We look forward to additional members being recognized in the future. Masterships are awarded because of “personal character, positions of honor, contributions towards furthering the purposes of the ACP, eminence in practice or in medical research, or other attainments in science or in the art of medicine.” If you know of someone you feel would be a candidate for Mastership, contact the Governor of your Chapter.

2016    Barry O. Kassen, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
2016    Graydon S. Meneilly, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
2018    Ross D. Feldman, St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
2018    Eric S. Leith, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
2018    M. Ameen Patel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2019    Donald Echenberg, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
2020    Irene M. Hramiak, London, Ontario, Canada

Medical podcast available in French

(Summer 2021) Members of the Quebec Chapter looking for an interesting medical podcast should check out BaladoCritique. Excerpt from the official website: "BaladoCritique: Club de lecture médical est une baladodiffusion (podcast) francophone mensuelle qui analyse et commente les études récentes d’impact majeur en médecine interne." Several chapter members are involved.