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Coding 101

Web-Based Coding Curriculum

Coding 101 is modular, web-based curriculum designed for internal medicine residents and other clinical learners, including established internists in need of review, other medical specialties, and practice personnel who need to understand coding.

The curriculum consists of eight modules and while the information can be accessed in any order, the videos are designed for progressive viewing in the order listed.

This curriculum is available only to ACP members and requires a log in.

Course Modules

  • Part 1: Coding Fundamentals - An introduction to coding designed for residents and other clinical learners. Upon completion learners will be familiar with both diagnostic and service codes.
  • Part 1 Supplement: ICD-10-CM - Overview of the ICD-10 clinical modification diagnosis coding system and is provided as a supplement to Part 1: Coding Fundamentals. This module is designed to help you understand the origins and structures of ICD-10-CM codes.
  • Part 2a: Evaluation & Management Service Coding - You will understand "new patient definition; 3 key components of E&M; and 1995 and 1997 documentation rules.
  • Part 2b: E&M Coding - Evaluation & Management Service Coding. Detailed Code Selection. You will understand: History key component; Physical exam key compnent; Medical decision making key component; and New and established outpatient E&M code selection.
  • Part 3a: Beyond the Basics - E&M Modifiers - Exploring coding rules for specific types of office visits.
  • Part 3b: Beyond the Basics - Coding for Preventive Care, Urgent Care and Time-Based Care. You will understand: Preventive care HME codes; Medicare IPPE and AWV; Billing for counseling time; and Urgent care.
  • Part 4: Inpatient Coding - Coding for routine in hospital care. You will understand Inpatient admission E&M codes; Inpatient subsequent care codes; Inpatient discharge time based codes; Same day observation bundled codes; Observation admission and subsequent discharge codes.
  • Part 5: Advanced Coding - Coding for when you are providing care beyond standard services. You will understand prolonged service codes; Critical care time codes; Consultation codes; Medical student documentation; and Preventive care combination billing.

View the Modules

ACP is grateful to Davoren Chick, MD, FACP, from the University of Michigan who granted us permission to share these modules with ACP members.

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Superior MOC Solutions from ACP

Superior MOC Solutions from ACP

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Making the Most of Your ICD-10 Transition

Making the Most of Your ICD-10 Transition

To help you and your practice make a smooth and successful transition to ICD-10 coding, ACP and ICD-10 content developers have created multiple resources available at discounted rates for ACP members.