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Medical Laboratory EvaluationPurchase MLE PT

Off-Schedule Proficiency Testing (PT)

Off-schedule PT provides laboratories with immediate, on-demand, customized proficiency testing for reinstatement or remedial purposes; a complement to the regularly scheduled PT program.

Do You Need Off-Schedule Proficiency Testing?

If your laboratory received a score of less than 80% on two out of the three regular testing events, you may be required to perform off-schedule PT to lift a “cease-testing” order from a regulatory or accrediting agency. In these cases, two acceptable proficiency performances (score of 80% or better) may be required before your lab can resume testing patients.

The off-schedule proficiency testing service is available to every laboratory, regardless of MLE enrollment status.

Questions? Contact Elaine Pappamihiel at 202-261-4514 or via e-mail at epappamihiel@acponline.org.