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MLE Proficiency Testing Enrollment Information

There are four ways to place your order:

  • Order 2014 MLE PT Online;
  • Download one of the order forms listed below;
  • Call MLE Customer Service at 800-338-2746, option 5; or
  • E-mail us at mle@acponline.org for a free catalog or for more information about our program.

U.S. Catalog and Calendar

2014 U.S.  Proficiency Testing Catalog 2014 U.S. Proficiency Testing Catalog MLE Calendar2014 U.S. Shipping Calendar

International Catalog and Calendars

2014 International Proficiency Testing Catalog2014 International Proficiency Testing CatalogMLE Calendar 2014 International Shipping Calendar
MLE Calendar 2014 Calendario de despachos

International Visitors: Please contact MLE's local distributor in your country for pricing information. See a list of our international distributors. If you do not know your local contact, please contact MLE at mle@acponline.org.

Change Orders and New Orders Placed After the First Shipment

MLE makes every effort to accommodate new orders or order changes throughout the year. Except for the registration fee, we will prorate the prices for orders received after the first shipment according to the number of shipments remaining in the program year. All orders or order changes must be received in writing at least four weeks prior to the next shipping date to ensure receipt of that shipment.

Order Selection Assistance

MLE Customer Service can ensure you enroll in the most economical order option for the tests you perform. Simply submit a complete list of the tests you perform INCLUDING the instruments/methods used to mle@acponline.org, and a Customer Service Representative will respond with the most economical order. Or, call us at 800-338-2746, option 5, for order selection assistance.

Forms for New Enrollees:

Forms for Current Enrollees: