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Medical Laboratory EvaluationPurchase MLE PT

Educational Resources From The Leader In Clinical Laboratory Proficiency Testing

We continue to expand our educational resources to provide you with more technical information, emphasizing issues that contribute to accurate clinical laboratory proficiency testing and improving the quality and safety of patient care.

Interested in Continuing Education? MLE, in partnership with COLA, offers a wide array of CE online courses through CeExpress.

Continuing Education and Educational Resources Catalog

Continuing Education and Education Resource Catalog

New and innovative educational tools brought to you by the PT leader in Education and Service...Medical Laboratory Evaluation!

To aid all the needs of our laboratory professionals, we provide publications to help patients better understand the role of the clinical laboratory professional. We can fulfill all of your clinical laboratory proficiency testing needs at a lower price than other providers. As a further convenience to our customers shipping and handling is included in all pricing of these new resources.

To order clinical laboratory proficiency testing and continuing education resources and tools, simply download the order form and fax (202-835-0440) or mail it to MLE. If you have a Purchase Order (PO), remember to include a copy with the order form for timely processing of your order.

Call MLE Customer Service 800-338-2746, option 5, or e-mail us at mle@acponline.org, if you have any further questions about any of these educational resources or publications.