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Medical Laboratory EvaluationPurchase MLE PT

Educational Resources Category


Basic OSHA Compliance Program [expand/collapse]
OSHA Safety Program Manual with OSHA Watch Newsletter Updates [expand/collapse]
One-Year Subscription to OSHA Watch Newsletter and Updates [expand/collapse]
The HELP Book: Healthcare Emergency & Lifesaving Plan [expand/collapse]
What’s My Fine? OSHA Annual Retraining DVD Program [expand/collapse]
OSHA Bloodborne Path Requirements [expand/collapse]
CLIA and Your Laboratory [expand/collapse]
CLIA Facts [expand/collapse]
National Intelligence Report (NIR) [expand/collapse]


The Adventures of the Lab Explorers: Sometimes When I Feel Bad [expand/collapse]
SI Units for Clinical Measurement [expand/collapse]
Lab Facts [expand/collapse]


Waived Testing – Doing it Right! [expand/collapse]


Negotiating with a Payer to Retain Laboratory Testing in Your Office: Sample Letter [expand/collapse]


Quality Assessment Plan: A Simplified Approach [expand/collapse]

To order, simply download the order form and fax (202-835-0440) or mail it to MLE. If you have a Purchase Order (PO), remember to include a copy with the order form for timely processing of your order.

Page updated: 1-20-12