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Medical Laboratory EvaluationPurchase MLE PT

About MLE Program

MLE Program Highlights

  • A total commitment to excellence in customer service
  • For over 40 years, Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE), a service-oriented proficiency testing program, has been providing outstanding service to Physician Office Laboratories (POL), Public Health facilities, Reference Laboratories, Ophthalmologist Laboratories, Federal Agency Medical Centers, Hospital Laboratories and other medical laboratories.
  • Online result reporting method with online participant summaries and medical laboratory evaluation reports.
  • High quality specimens and results at a reasonable price
  • Broad flexible test menu
  • Knowledgeable staff and technical support including experienced lab professionals
  • All inquiries answered quickly, efficiently and effectively
  • Off-schedule testing available
  • Worldwide shipping and handling
  • ACP membership entitles you to free registration in the MLE program
  • Discounts for Multiple Facilities and Consultant Affiliation
  • Multi-Level discounts to qualified COLA members
  • Discounts for U.S. Federal Agencies Worldwide

Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE) Mission

The mission of Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE) is to administer a service-oriented laboratory proficiency testing program that provides technical and educational tools necessary to assess, monitor and improve the quality of laboratory testing.

MLE acknowledges five goals supporting this mission:

  • To serve as a catalyst for continuous quality improvement in clinical laboratory practice, promoting testing excellence and optimal outcomes in patient care.
  • To educate through the dissemination of technical information, emphasizing issues that contribute to accurate patient testing and to successful laboratory proficiency testing.
  • To provide courteous and flexible customer service, ensuring the timely resolution of all inquiries and concerns.
  • To provide timely, accurate and reader-friendly laboratory proficiency testing evaluations, encouraging the use of these reports in monitoring the quality of patient testing.
  • To interact with state and federal regulatory agencies and accrediting organizations, alerting participants about issues that affect compliance.

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MLE Program History


ACP's Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE) proficiency testing began in 1973 as the Proficiency Evaluation Program (PEP), a collaborative effort between the American Society of Internal Medicine (ASIM), which sponsored the MLE program, and the College of American Pathologists (CAP). When announcing the program, ASIM stated they wanted physicians with office laboratories to have a clinical laboratory evaluation program that assures their patients, personnel and third parties of the quality of test results. The program soon became known as the Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE).


MLE introduced significant changes to the proficiency testing program in 1996. In that program year, MLE directly assumed the responsibilities for specimen procurement, data processing and the production of evaluation reports. Investing in sophisticated computer software increased efficiency in order processing, while state-of-the-art optical scanning technology improved data summarization—expediting the turnaround of accurate and easy-to-understand evaluations.

In the past, the MLE program primarily has provided service to physician office laboratories (POLs). MLE broadened its focus with the 1998 program year, emphasizing a specific mission: "…to administer a service-oriented proficiency testing program that provides the technical and educational tools necessary for participants to assess, monitor and improve the quality of their laboratory testing." While continuing its commitment to service and education for POLs, MLE also extended its services to small hospital laboratories. MLE has offered more analytes and increased module configurations to accommodate the more extensive testing menus of these laboratories.

Additionally, ASIM announced their merger with the American College of Physicians (ACP) as of July 1, 1998. The new organization became known as ACP-ASIM. As a result of the merger, MLE will be able to expand our educational resources and provide our participants with more technical information, emphasizing issues that contribute to accurate patient testing.


In 2003, ACP-ASIM became simply ACP (American College of Physicians). Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE) is a program provided by American College of Physicians.


To provide prompt and flexible customer service, to educate through the dissemination of technical information and to promote compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements. The clinical laboratory evaluation program is now offered in over 50 countries. We want to continue our commitment to laboratory testing excellence—continuing to extend our services to clinical and reference laboratories worldwide.


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