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ACP Services, Inc. Votes to Establish PAC

Organization Affiliated with America's Largest Medical Specialty Forms a Political Action Committee

PHILADELPHIA -- (July 19, 2004) American College of Physicians (ACP) Services, Inc. announced today that it will form a political action committee (PAC). In January, the Board of Regents of the American College of Physicians approved a resolution from the College's Board of Governors to recommend to the Board of Directors of ACP Services, Inc. that it consider forming a PAC. After studying the request for the next six months, the Board of Directors of ACP Services, Inc. voted today to proceed with establishing a PAC to further a legislative agenda that is in the best interest of patients, the public and the medical profession.

The PAC will be administered by a board of directors appointed by, and responsible to, the board of ACP Services, Inc. Because of its tax status as a charitable organization, ACP cannot establish a PAC. However, ACP Services, Inc., a separate and distinct organization from ACP established in 1998 to provide advocacy, practice management and other services for internist-members, has a different tax status that allows it to establish a PAC.

"The ACP Services, Inc. PAC will strengthen grassroots efforts to improve health care and medical access for all Americans," says William E. Golden, MD, FACP, president of ACP Services Inc. "Internists are the major providers of care for adults in the United States, and we have a unique obligation to make sure that public policies are in the best interests of all our patients."

The board of directors of ACP Services, Inc voted to proceed with establishing a national PAC after a careful evaluation of the potential advantages and disadvantages. All contributions to candidates for federal office from the ACP Services, Inc. PAC will be made through voluntary membership contributions, based on criteria determined by the ACP Services PAC Board.

ACP is the nation's largest medical specialty organization and second largest medical organization. ACP Services, Inc. is a trade organization which was created to provide legislative advocacy services and other functions to serve internists and their patients. Membership of both organizations is comprised of more than 116,000 internal medicine physicians and medical students. Internists provide the majority of health care to adults in America.

Jack Pope (202) 261-4556, jpope@acponline.org

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