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ACP Medical Laboratory Evaluation Program Wins Five-Year Contract with GSA

Government Labs Worldwide Can Use MLE with Click of a Mouse

WASHINGTON, DC - (Nov. 24, 2003) Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE), a program of American College of Physicians Services, Inc., has been awarded a five-year contract (with options) by the General Services Administration (GSA), the United States federal government's agency support network.

MLE provides proficiency testing for medical laboratories worldwide. Such testing is a major component of a good quality assurance program and remains the standard of competency most heavily weighed by regulatory inspectors.

This contract will place MLE on the GSA's list of approved vendors with negotiated contracts, making it easy and attractive for any government entity to utilize MLE's proficiency testing services.

"This contract will build awareness of our proficiency testing service within the government's global market," said MLE Director Constance Laubenthal. "U.S. governmental medical laboratories worldwide may now use our service just by clicking a mouse and thereby skip the long bid process required for non-contracted vendors."

MLE's mission is to administer a service-oriented proficiency testing program that provides technical and educational tools necessary to assess, monitor, and improve the quality of laboratory testing.

After 30 years, MLE's goals remain to provide courteous and flexible customer service, to educate through the dissemination of technical information, and to promote compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements.

For a catalog or more information on MLE's proficiency testing program, continuing education or other products and services, please contact MLE at 1-800-338-2746, option 5; or by e-mail at mle@acponline.org; or visit MLE's comprehensive Web site.

ACP's Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE) proficiency testing began in 1973 as the Proficiency Evaluation Program (PEP), a collaborative effort between the American Society of Internal Medicine (ASIM) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP). Initially a program for physician office laboratories, MLE now also serves hospitals and health care systems worldwide. ASIM and ACP merged in 1998; in 2003, the organization was re-named the American College of Physicians. ACP works to enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine.

Jack Pope, 202-261-4556
E-mail: jpope@acponline.org

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