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Press Release Archive - July-December 2007

December 2007

12/11 American College of Physicians Partners with DocSite to Bring PIER Content Closer to Practice and Patients
12/04 Internists Diagnose Health Care System Ills, Prescribe Remedies to Achieve Universal Coverage, Better Quality, and Lower Costs
12/04 Internists Say Pay-for-Performance Programs Must Put Patients First


November 2007

11/28 System of Simplified, Standardized Dosing Instructions for Prescription Medication Container Labels Proposed at Sixth Annual National Health Communication Conference
11/08 Looming Medicare Cuts Will Disproportionately Hurt Physicians in Small Practices
11/06 American College of Physicians Issues Comprehensive Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
11/05 Congress Called on to Replace 'Devastating' Cuts in Medicare Reimbursements With Positive Updates By American College of Physicians
11/01 New Electronic Health Records Demonstration Project 'Encouraging Step' Says American College of Physicians

October 2007

10/29 American College of Physicians Publishes Peripheral Arterial Disease
10/18 Congressional Failure to Override SCHIP Veto ‘Saddens’ Physicians
10/18 Internists Endorse 2007-08 Adult Immunization Schedule and Publish in Annals of Internal Medicine
10/08 Revisions to ‘College Cost Reduction and Access Act’ Will Create Barriers to Careers in Primary Care and Hurt Access to Care in Underserved Areas
10/05 ‘Great Disappointment’ in Veto of SCHIP Legislation Expressed by American College of Physicians
10/03 American College of Physicians Recommends Flu Vaccination for Health Care Workers
10/02 ACP and APS Issue Comprehensive Guidelines for Treating Low Back Pain

September 2007

09/20 'Deep Concern and Disappointment' With Reported Exclusion of Medicare from SCHIP Legislation Expressed by ACP
09/18 Aerobic, Strength Training Greatly Improve Diabetes Numbers
09/17 ACP Publishes "The Fenway Guide to LGBT Health"
09/14 Internal Medicine Physicians Recommend Key Elements to Guide State Initiatives to Expand Health Care

August 2007

08/10 Test Project of Patient-Centered Medical Home Model Endorsed by American College of Physicians
08/10 United Health Group, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American College of Physicians Join to Advance Innovative Primary Care Model

July 2007

07/24 Support for Children's Health and Medicare Protection Act (CHAMP) Expressed to House Leaders by American College of Physicians
07/17 'SCHIP Funding Levels Too Low' American College of Physicians Tells Senate Finance Committee Leaders
07/10 Physician and Congressional Leaders Convene on Capitol Hill, Discuss the Future of Access to Care under Medicare
07/10 Study: Selenium Supplements Linked with Increased Risk for Diabetes in 8-Year Study
07/09 ACP Commends Proposed Changes to Payments for Physician Work at Nursing Facilities
07/02 Study: Effect of Dietary Counseling for Weight Loss

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