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Press Release Archive - January-June 2001

June 27, 2001
ACP-ASIM Supports Move to Ensure Flu Vaccines Reach High Risk Patients During Shortages

June 27, 2001
Senators urged to vote down amendments that dilute patient protections including external review and state opt-outs. Letter to Senators.

June 26, 2001
ACP-ASIM Urges Defeat of Amendment to Let Insurers, Not Doctors, Determine Medical Necessity

April 30, 2001
ACP-ASIM Supports Joint Negotiations for Physicians

April 4, 2001
Executive of Major Medical Association to Step Down July 2002

April 3, 2001
ACP-ASIM Issues New Guideline for Pulmonary Disease

March 20, 2001
ACP-ASIM Issues Four New Guidelines: Antibiotics Not Needed For Most Respiratory Infections

March 14, 2001
ACP-ASIM Report Finds Uninsured Women Face Serious Health Risks

March 7, 2001
ACP-ASIM lends support to 'MERFA' legislation to reduce Medicare paperwork

March 1, 2001
Key Physician Groups Respond to IOM Quality Report

February 22, 2001
ACP-ASIM agenda stresses regulatory relief, access to care

February 16, 2001
Rosof Chairs Committee On Office Surgery Guidelines

February 14, 2001
ACP-ASIM Urges Refundable Tax Credits for Health Insurance

February 9, 2001
ACP-ASIM Supports Massachusetts Legal Efforts to Disclose Cigarette Contents

February 6, 2001
California Internists Release Legislative Report Card

January 30, 2001
Harold Sox Named Annals of Internal Medicine Editor (

January 29, 2001
Congress, President Urged to Pass Health Care Reforms

January 10, 2001
Care Choices HMO Reverses Policy

January 5, 2001
Michigan HMO Sets Limits on Patient Choices of Primary Care Physicians

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