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ACP in the News

June 2014

6/11/2014 Is gun violence a public health issue? - CBS News
6/11/2014 Major Medical Organizations Establish Ambitious Diabetes Registry - Forbes

May 2014

5/27/2014 New diabetes treatment strategies for primary care to boost patient adherence - Medical Economics
5/21/2014 Docs continue to prescribe antibiotics for acute bronchitis - Reuters Health
5/1/2014 More Practices Adopt Team-Based Model Of Medicine - CBS New York

April 2014

4/14/2014 Should doctors consider medical costs? - Boston Globe
4/14/2014 New ACP Program Fosters Coordination of Care - Medpage Today
4/14/2014 ACP: All Is Not Lost for Medical Liability Reform - Medpage Today
4/11/2014 Gun violence as a public health issue - The Washington Post

March 2014

3/25/2014 Sick Again? Why Some Colds Won't Go Away - Wall Street Journal
3/25/2014 Doc groups warns of workforce shortage - Modern Healthcare
3/25/2014 Match Day Sees All-Time Highs For New Doctors - Medscape Today
3/12/2014 Revised NCQA standards still focused on process, critic says - Modern Healthcare
3/6/2014 Medicare to cut payments to physicians, while medical schools get boost in Obama’s 2015 budget - Medical Economics

February 2014

2/28/2014 Screening for Chronic Kidney Disease: Time to Say No - Medscape
2/26/2014 Is it OK to Google a client? A rule of thumb for physicians may work for lawyers, too - ABA Journal
2/25/2014 Reform Update: California health committee seeks parity between Medicaid, Medicare payments - Modern Healthcare
2/25/2014 Mystery Medical Symptoms Hit a Surprising Number of Patients - Wall Street Journal
2/24/2014 'Meaningful Use' Stage 3 May Increase Patient Interaction - Medpage Today
2/12/2014 Narrow Provider Networks Need More Work, ACP Says - Medscape Today
2/10/2014 Einstein medical residents continue their quiz dynasty - Philly.com
2/7/2014 SGR's $125 billion price tag remains significant hurdle, physician groups say - Modern Medicine

January 2014

1/31/2014 Pay and Practice: CMS to Test ICD-10 - Medpage Today
1/24/2014 Are we ready to throw out the stethoscope? - Health
1/17/2014 Experts Predict ACA’s Areas of Primary Care Impact - Doctors Lounge
1/15/2014 How I changed my private practice glass from half empty to half full - Kevin MD
1/9/2014 Antibiotic requests: Tips for physicians dealing with patient demands - Medical Economics

December 2013

12/23/2013 American College Of Physicians Urges Stricter Controls To Address Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic - Forbes
12/20/2013 ACP Issues Wake-up Call on Prescription Drug Abuse - Medpage Today
12/12/2013 ACP: Increase screening for second leading cause of cancer-related deaths - Kevin MD
12/12/2013 Why the Affordable Care Act is worth fighting for - Kevin MD
12/10/2013 American College of Physicians issues new policy to curb painkiller abuse - CBS News
12/10/2013 The Dangers of Prescription Painkillers - ABC News
12/10/2013 Why MDs Abuse Prescription Drugs - ABC News
12/10/2013 Doctors' Group Urges Tighter Controls on Prescription Painkillers - Philly.com
12/10/2013 Prime Time: ACP Speaks on Drugs of Abuse - Medpage Today
12/5/2013 SGR: Once More Kicked Down the Road? - Medpage Today
12/3/2013 New Guideline Recommends Conservative Treatment for Heart Patients with Anemia - Forbes
12/3/2013 Guidance Issued for Anemia in Heart Disease - Medpage Today
12/2/2013 Doctors Groups Share Concerns About Narrow Networks, Confusion With White House - The Washington Post
12/2/2013 White House Talks ACA With Docs, Nurses - Medpage Today

November 2013

11/27/2013 Doctors: New Health Care Plans Raise Red Flags - Wall Street Journal
11/25/2013 Medicaid enrollment rising fast under ACA - Philly.com
11/21/2013 Physicians Praise End to SGR in Draft But Worry About Freeze to Reimbursements - Bloomberg BNA
11/15/2013 Just Say No: 10 Common Medical Tests That May Do More Harm Than Good - Forbes
11/15/2013 People are Signing up in Droves for Obamacare, but not for Private Insurance - Philly.com
11/14/2013 ACP: Practicing high value care and overcoming patients’ concerns - Kevin MD
11/12/2013 RUC committee takes steps toward transparency - Medical Economics
11/12/2013 Analyzing the bipartisan plan to repeal the SGR - Kevin MD
11/5/2013 Reform Medicare's physician payment system - The Hill
11/1/2013 Bipartisan proposal calls for SGR repeal, fee-for-service fix - Modern Healthcare

October 2013

10/29/2013 Kidney Disease Costs Medicare $41 Billion a Year and Yet Often Goes Undetected - Wall Street Journal
10/29/2013 Doctors Push to Screen Baby Boomers for Hepatitis C - Wall Street Journal
10/28/2013 Obamacare and Hurricane Katrina - Philly.com
10/22/2013 No Support For Broad Screening Of Chronic Kidney Disease - Forbes
10/22/2013 ACP Guidelines: Do Not Screen Asymptomatic Adults for CKD - Medscape Today
10/16/2013 Pay and Practice: Budget Deal Muddles SGR Fix - Medpage Today
10/16/2013 Management Code From CMS Found Wanting - Medpage Today
10/16/2013 ACP: Making the most of opportunities to get people immunized - Kevin MD
10/7/2013 Shutdown Imperils Public Health and Doc Fix, Societies Say - Medscape Today
10/1/2013 What Happens During Obstructive Sleep Apnea? - Huffington Post
10/1/2013 Health: Affordable Care Act Might Not Directly Affect You, But It May Change What You Do When You’re Sick Article, Video - KYW (CBS Philly)

September 2013

9/27/2013 ACA Countdown: Docs Seen as Key Outreach Partners - Medpage Today
9/26/2013 Health: Flu Vaccine: New Options Available This Year Article, Video - KYW (CBS Philly)
9/25/2013 Lose Weight Before Trying Other Sleep Apnea Treatments - NPR
9/25/2013 New Guidelines on Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Medscape Today
9/24/2013 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment Recommendations Released - Huffington Post
9/24/2013 Weight loss should be first line of defense against sleep apnea - FOX News
9/24/2013 ACP releases online tool for internal medicine doctors - Modern Healthcare
9/24/2013 Sleep Apnea? Lose Weight, ACP Urge - Medpage Today
9/18/2013 ACP Hedges in Debate on Scope of Practice - Medpage Today
9/18/2013 ACP paper outlines 'fresh thinking' for team-based care - Modern Healthcare
9/18/2013 Varenicline's Neuropsychiatric Safety Concerns Allayed: "Reassuring" Data - Medscape Today
9/17/2013 Team Care: ACP Outlines Framework - Medscape Today
9/13/2013 American College of Physicians Sends MU2 Concerns, Recommendations to HHS - Becker's Hospital Review

August 2013

8/23/2013 The big problem with most social media policies for physicians - Modern Medicine
8/23/2013 How EHR design enhances clinical encounters - Phys Biz Tech
8/20/2013 Antibiotics Do's and Don'ts - The Wall Street Journal
8/15/2013 American College of Physicians Center to Promote Patient-Centered Care - Becker’s Hospital Review
8/14/2013 Care for back pain often out of sync with medical guidelines - American Medical News
8/14/2013 New initiative announced for patient-doc collaboration - Medical Xpress
8/13/2013 A med school study app taps pop culture to reinforce learning - Med City News
8/12/2013 New ACP center proposes partnership to patients - Phys Biz Tech
8/12/2013 Politicos, medical groups renew cries to repeal Medicare’s SGR formula - Medical Economics
8/12/2013 Sanjay Gupta: 'I Apologize' for Anti-Marijuana Advocacy - U.S. News and World Report
8/7/2013 Morning Rounds with Dr. LaPook: Should you get screened for artery blockage? - CBS News
8/7/2013 ACP launches campaign to educate public on internists - Modern Healthcare
8/6/2013 7 mistakes doctors commonly make for back pain - The Boston Globe
8/1/2013 SGR Repeal Bill Moves to Full House Vote - Medpage Today

July 2013

7/31/2013 More people using prescription narcotics for back pain, study finds - Today Show
7/31/2013 Lots of meds, too little back-pain relief: survey - Chicago Sun Times
7/30/2013 More people using prescription narcotics for back pain, study finds - NBC News
7/30/2013 Patients with back pain often get the wrong treatment - USA Today
7/30/2013 Back pain treatment often not in line with guidelines - Chicago Tribune
7/26/2013 Draft physician payment bill attracts support - Phys Biz Tech
7/26/2013 The SGR repeal bill increases physician payment by 0.5% annually. Is that a fair amount? - Medical Economics
7/24/2013 SGR Repeal Bill Gains Broad Support - Medpage Today
7/22/2013 Medicare proposes doctor pay for complex chronic care management - American Medical News
7/15/2013 51% of physicians use tablets to access EHRs, survey shows - Medical Economics
7/15/2013 Is Congress really serious about fixing the SGR this time? - Medical Economics
7/15/2013 What's delaying the primary care Medicaid payment boost? - Medical Economics
7/12/2013 Most men don't discuss prostate cancer screening with doctors - FOX News
7/11/2013 MOC: Debate intensifies as Medicare penalties loom - Medical Economics
7/10/2013 SGR repeal and blended payments backed by ACP - Phys Biz Tech
7/9/2013 Many Men Not Told Pros, Cons of PSA Testing, Survey Finds - U.S. News and World Report
7/9/2013 Reform Update: Low-income patients prefer hospitals for primary care - Modern Healthcare
7/2/2013 Overprescribed Medical Tests for Healthy People - Yahoo! News

June 2013

6/29/2013 8 Things to Know About Going Gluten-Free - Women's Day
6/28/2013 Unnecessary Screenings: 4 Medical Tests You May Not Need - The Huffington Post
6/27/2013 10 internists that physicians should follow on Twitter - Medical Economics
6/26/2013 Reform Update: Providers likely to feel pressure as Medicaid gets new enrollees - Modern Healthcare
6/24/2013 Many common medical tests and treatments are unnecessary - Consumer Reports
6/18/2013 Rules let personal physicians craft wellness program alternatives - American Medical News
6/17/2013 PCMH: A closer look at a trend changing healthcare delivery - Medical Economics
6/14/2013 Physicians' top 5 most-used medical apps for smartphones and tablets - Medical Economics
6/13/2013 Two-thirds of physicians in ACOs say they've not benefitted financially - Medical Economics
6/13/2013 ACP delivers input to House committee on draft SGR-repeal legislation - Phys Biz Tech
6/12/2013 Healing the Overwhelmed Physician - The New York Times
6/12/2013 Visiting the doctor - Chicago Tribune
6/11/2013 Growing diabetes problem signals adherence challenges - Medical Economics
6/10/2013 EHR User-Friendliness Ranked (and Spanked) - Medscape
6/4/2013 ACP lays out ways to improve Medicare physician payment - Phys Biz Tech
6/3/2013 PSA Screening: New Round Of Guidelines Emphasizes Importance Of Weighing Harms And Benefits - Kaiser Health News

May 2013

5/31/2013 Evidence for Medical Homes Still Evolving - Medpage Today
5/31/2013 EHR design: The key to moving beyond paper - Phys Biz Tech
5/29/2013 Campaign Urges Smokers to Enlist Doctors' Help in Quitting - Philly.com
5/29/2013 Intense Glucose Control Not Needed in ICU - Medpage Today
5/29/2013 Blurring the lines of ethics when doctors use social media - Kevin MD
5/24/2013 Physician groups band together on quit-smoking campaign - Phys Biz Tech
5/23/2013 CDC, Medical Groups Urge Smoker-Doc Chats - Medpage Today
5/21/2013 TV ads for drugs can raise awareness but may not be right for you - The Washington Post
5/21/2013 Preventive screenings can save lives - The Washington Post
5/21/2013 Most patient education materials suffer from lack of readability, study says - Modern Healthcare
5/17/2013 Meet the Albert Einsteins of medical jeopardy - Philly.com
5/14/2013 Hospitals promote screenings that experts say many people do not need - The Washington Post
5/10/2013 ACP testifies in support of phased SGR repeal - Phys Biz Tech
5/9/2013 Physicians, Lawmakers Nearing Consensus On Doc Pay System, but Cost Remains Issue - Bloomberg BNA
5/8/2013 Many medical guidelines don't consider costs - Chicago Tribune
5/8/2013 Uniform Quality Measures Sought for an SGR Repeal - Medpage Today
5/7/2013 EHR dissatisfaction: A tech or people problem? - Government Health IT

April 2013

4/30/13 Your Online Image: Policy from the ACP - Medscape Today
4/29/13 Readers: PSA Test OK, Aggressive Tx is Not - Medpage Today
4/23/13 Exercise and weight loss may have long-term benefits against sleep apnea - The Washington Post
4/22/13 5 surprising ways to deal with spring allergies - The Boston Globe
4/19/13 Physicians encourage patients to be savvy consumers - Phys Biz Tech
4/18/13 Advice For Physicians: How To Behave Online - Forbes
4/17/13 Obesity experts and doctors team up to offer free weight-loss tools for patients and providers - Chicago Tribune
4/17/13 There's no doctor to see you - PhysBizTech
4/16/13 Helping heart patients avoid hospital time - MarketWatch
4/16/13 Rules for MDs who email, friend or tweet - MarketWatch
4/15/13 Decline Facebook 'Friend' Appeals from Patients, Groups Say - MedPage Today
4/15/13 Doctors told to procede with extreme caution on social media - CBS News
4/12/13 Doctors urged to pause before they post, text or e-mail - USA Today
4/11/13 ACP releases new patient education materials - Medical Economics
4/11/13 "Pause before posting", and other tips for doctors online - Boston.com

March 2013

3/27/13 MRI for Low Back Problems Deemed 'Overused' - Medpage Today
3/26/13 Push for wellness continues - Medical Economics
3/19/13 More Medical School Seniors Choose Internal Medicine Residencies - Becker's Hospital Review
3/18/13 Match Day 2013 results are good for future internal-medicine patient - Los Angeles Times
3/18/13 Curb Expense of Drug Side Effects - Wall Street Journal
3/12/13 Colonoscopy May Be Overused in Older Adults, Study Finds - Bloomberg Businessweek
3/8/2013 EHR user satisfaction decreasing, according to study - Medical Economics
3/7/2013 Dissatisfaction with EHRs Rising, Survey Finds - Medpage Today
3/6/2013 End of fee-for-service need be nigh, physician commission declares - Phys Biz Tech
3/6/2013 EHR user satisfaction decreasing, according to study - Medical Economics
3/6/2013 Physicians air EHR frustrations - Healthcare IT News
3/5/2013 If Practices Don't Change, EHRs Lose Money - Medpage Today
3/1/2013 Report: Kill Fee-For-Service by Decade's End - Medpage Today

February 2013

2/28/2013 Sequestration's 2% Medicare cuts loom over physicians - Medical Economics
2/22/2013 ACP Wants More Reforms - Medpage Today
2/19/2013 Medicare SGR repeal price tag plummets - American Medical News
2/15/2013 Repealing SGR Raises Questions for Congress - Medpage Today
2/12/2013 State of the Union: Light on Health - Medpage Today
2/7/2013 House Bill Will Repeal SGR, Raise Doc Pay Yearly - Medpage Today
2/4/2013 HIPAA gets tougher on physicians - American Medical News

January 2013

1/28/2013 Proposed meaningful use stage 3 criticized as hasty and too strict - American Medical News
1/17/2013 HIMSS, ACP also weigh in on Stage 3 MU - Modern Healthcare
1/16/2013 ACP Calls for Flu Shot for All Health Workers - MedPage Today
1/10/2013 IBC continuing to promote ‘medical homes’ concept to doctors - Philadelphia Business Journal
1/8/2013 Copying old information common in electronic medical records, study finds - FOX News
1/7/2013 Copying common in electronic medical records - Reuters
1/4/2013 Bargain Over Fiscal Cliff Brings Changes To Health Care - NPR
1/3/2013 Physician groups respond to SGR patch with relief, disappointment - Modern Medicine

December 2012

12/31/2012 Online patient portals: Unveiling the doctor’s note - American Medical News
12/31/2012 Endoscopy Screening for GERD: Best Practices - Medscape Today
12/17/2012 Little change in overtreatment at doctors' offices - Chicago Tribune
12/17/2012 Let's get serious about health care costs - Daily Camera
12/17/2012 Dangers of too many medical tests - Guardian Media
12/17/2012 ACP urges Congress to 'create solution to endless cycle of medical physician payment cuts' - Medical Xpress
12/11/2012 Six Inexpensive Health Screenings That Could Save Your Employees' Lives--And Your Business Some Money - Forbes
12/11/2012 HIV Screening and the USPSTF: Better late than never - Kevin MD
12/6/2012 Wisconsin can do better for the uninsured - Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
12/6/2012 Wisconsin can do better for the uninsured - Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
12/5/2012 Study Foresees Shortage of Primary-Care Doctors - U.S. News and World Report
12/5/2012 Endoscopy Overused in Heartburn Patients - WebMD
12/5/2012 Primary care push to root out tests with low clinical value - American Medical News
12/5/2012 Study Foresees Shortage of Primary-Care Doctors - U.S. News and World Report
12/5/2012 Endoscopy Overused in Heartburn Patients - WebMD
12/5/2012 Primary care push to root out tests with low clinical value - American Medical News
12/4/2012 Dial back esophageal cancer screening: internists - Reuters
12/4/2012 Dial back esophageal cancer screening: internists - Reuters

November 2012

11/26/2012 U.S. primary care doctors making sizable strides on health IT - American Medical News
11/20/2012 Comprehensive Guidelines for Stable Ischemic Heart Disease Released - Forbes
11/20/2012 New guidelines address diagnosis, treatment of stable ischemic heart disease - Cardiology Today Intervention
11/19/2012 Physician Pay a Major Unknown Despite Health Reform Certainty - American Medical News
11/17/2012 D.C. Week: Action Urged on SGR Cuts - Medpage Today
11/14/2012 7 Sneaky Causes of Winter Pain - ABC News
11/13/2012 AMA Supports Defined Contribution to Medicare Financing - American Medical News

October 2012

10/31/2012 MRI for back pain: more harm than good? - The Boston Globe
10/31/2012 Doctors should be assessed on overuse of low-value procedures, study says - Modern Medicine
10/31/2012 AMA wants to know if physicians are satisfied with their EHRs - American Medical News
10/31/2012 Clearing up confusion on advance directives - American Medical News
10/18/2012 Baby Boomers: Public Health's Biggest Challenge - Huffington Post
10/17/2012 Tips for lower back pain - Khaleej Times
10/15/2012 Recognizing the Alcoholic Patient - American Medical News
10/15/2012 Group Proposes Certification in Obesity - MedPage Today
10/15/2012 Ask the Pharmacist: Should I Keep Taking Fosamax for My Osteoporosis? - AARP
10/10/2012 Interoperability Issues Limit EHR Data Sharing, Doctors Say - Family Practice News
10/9/2012 Push for adults to update vaccinations - Delaware News Journal
10/9/2012 Diabetes Drug Use Varies Widely in VA Medical System -MedScape Today
10/4/2012 Interoperability Big Barrier for EHRs, Docs Say - MedPage Today
10/3/2012 Study Finds Unnecessary Examinations and Surgeries for Treating Lower Back Pain on the Rise - MedIndia
10/1/2012 Insurers latest to champion medical homes - American Medical News

September 2012

9/27/2012 Is There an 'App' for That? - MedPage Today
9/24/2012 Massive job losses expected under Medicare sequester - American Medical News
9/20/2012 Feeling The 'Call' To Help Others Boosts Doctors' Career Satisfaction: Study - Huffington Post
9/19/2012 Healthy Hotel Rooms - Wall Street Journal
9/19/2012 Educational tool helps residents learn value-based care - American Medical News
9/12/2012 Lower costs will prompt more people to take their medicine, study says - Philadelphia Inquirer
9/12/2012 Will doctor see you now? Millions more eligible under Medicaid, but state rates vary. - Philadelphia Inquirer
9/10/2012 Experts: Not too early for a flu shot - Arizona Daily Star
9/10/2012 Detecting deception: How to handle a malingering patient - American Medical News
9/4/2012 Study sticks fork in organic claim - Washington Times
9/4/2012 Avoid Rehospitalization - Wall Street Journal
9/4/2012 Nearly half of physicians struggle with burnout - American Medical News

August 2012

8/28/2012 Why Your Body Does Odd Things - Shine from Yahoo
8/28/2012 Controversy over mobile health programs - 6ABC WPVI
8/28/2012 Reducing unnecessary tests focus of two new articles - Modern Medicine
8/27/2012 Challenges of adult ADHD - American Medical News
8/22/2012 Increasing immunization rates focus of new initiative - Medical Economics
8/19/2012 U.S. health panel likely to make HIV tests routine - Reuters
8/17/2012 Physicians need freedom to inquire about health risks - Orlando Sentinel
8/14/2012 Doctors concerned about new prescription pill - Bowling Green Daily News
8/10/2012 Laws May Pose as Roadblocks to Better Care - Becker's Quality & Infection Control
8/2/2012 Pertussis and Cocooning Strategies: The Latest From ACIP - Medscape Today
8/2/2012 Snoring can indicate serious health issues - Summit Daily News
8/1/2012 Groups aim to teach resident physicians to weigh costs in care -American Medical News
8/1/2012 Alzheimer's drugs do little to slow disease, our analysis shows -Consumer Reports

July 2012

7/30/2012 AIDS Clinicians Back Treatment as Prevention -Family Practice News
7/27/2012 Teaching Costs of Care: Opening Pandora’s Box -Future Docs Blog
7/26/2012 Chronic Pain Management Is Focus of Newest ACP Medical Home Builder Module -Yahoo! News
7/26/2012 ACP's Dr. David L. Bronson: Physician-Led Quality Efforts Could Improve Medicare Problems -Becker’s Hospital Review
7/26/2012 Ouch! How to Treat Common Gardening Injuries -iVillage
7/24/2012 Adult Immunization Program Needs Shot in the Arm -Family Practice News
7/20/2012 ACP testimony focuses on innovative solutions to align value with care -News-Medical-Net
7/16/2012 Attracting primary care physicians to your hospital-HealthCare Finance News
7/13/2012 Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in Hospitalized Patients -Family Practice News
7/12/2012 New curriculum teaches cost considerations -Modern Medicine
7/12/2012 Teaching Doctors About The Cost Of Care -Kaiser Health News
7/12/2012 Improving Adult Immunization Practices Using a Team Approach in the Primary Care Setting -Medscape News
7/5/2012 How best to provide mobile access to health documents -Modern Medicine
7/3/2012 Residents willing to work when they’re sick -American Medical News
7/2/2012 ACA: Good News for Docs? -MedPage Today

June 2012

6/29/2012 Medical groups laud Supreme Court's decision on Affordable Care Act -CBS News
6/29/2012 What the health care ruling means to you -CNN
6/29/2012 Medical groups react to Supreme Court healthcare ruling -LA Times
6/29/2012 Progress, ‘slippery slope’ seen in Supreme Court health-care ruling -Philadelphia Business Journal
6/29/2012 D.C., Doctors Abuzz After ACA Decision -MedPage Today
6/26/2012 Combating Acid Reflux May Bring Host of Ills -New York Times (Well Blog)
6/25/2012 Med schools start picturing their place in a medical home world -American Medical News
6/22/2012 Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative: Barely A Ripple Now, Enormous Promise For Later (by Debra Ness and Steven Weinberger) -Health Affairs Blog
6/20/2012 Questionable Practices From ACP: An Interview With Steven Weinberger -Medscape Today
6/20/2012 AMA Delegates Slam PSA, Mammography Screening Recs -Family Practice News
6/19/2012 Cardio Notes: Calcium Good Clue to Risk in Diabetes -MedPage Today
6/19/2012 Residents Who Work While Sick Feel Obligated to Do So -Medscape Today
6/18/2012 Medicare joins with insurers to test paying for care management -American Medical News
6/18/2012 Hectic pace pressures medical practices on quality -American Medical News
6/18/2012 Health reform: Is money enough? -Washington Post
6/18/2012 American College of Physicians to Expand Near-Miss Registry -Becker’s ASC Review
6/11/2012 Organized medicine details future of Medicare payment without SGR -American Medical News
6/8/2012 Internists Lobby Congress for SGR Fix -Medpage Today
6/7/2012 EKGs aren't for everyone -Consumer Reports
6/7/2012 EHR certification lacking usability factor, doctors say -American Medical News
6/6/2012 Prescription for better health: give the have-nots a hand up -Sydney Morning Herald
6/5/2012 Many common medical tests and treatments are unnecessary -Consumer Reports
6/5/2012 Doctors often order tests and recommend drugs or procedures when they shouldn’t -Washington Post
6/4/2012 Nutrition talks with patients: option or obligation? -American Medical News
6/1/2012 Beat goes on with ACP’s entry in Million Hearts -Cardiovascular Business

May 2012

5/30/2012 100 Physician Leaders of Hospitals and Health Systems -Becker's Hospital Review
5/30/2012 Million Hearts, ACP aim to prevent heart attacks and strokes in five years -News-Medical-Net
5/29/2012 When Costly Medical Care Just Adds to the Pain -New York Times
5/29/2012 Medicare's bet on primary care -American Medical News
5/21/2012 ACP really wants HHS to use ICD-10 time wisely -CMIO
5/21/2012 American College of Physicians Adds Modules to Medical Home Builder 2.0 -Becker's Hospital Review
5/17/2012 Back pain tends to improve quickly, not completely -CNBC
5/17/2012 Are You Choosing Tests Wisely? A Challenge From the ABIM Foundation -Medscape
5/17/2012 Back pain tends to improve quickly, not completely -Chicago Tribune
5/15/2012 Medical Testing That Can Do More Harm Than Good -Huffington Post
5/14/2012 Revised Recommendations for Vaccines Are Being Phased In, CDC Report Says -Forbes
5/14/2012 The RUC's Empty Gesture -Medscape
5/14/2012 Are Patients With Newly Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus Being Prescribed Metformin? -Medscape
5/11/2012 Providers praise proposed SGR repeal, fee-for-service phase out -Fierce Health Finance
5/11/2012 Persistent Daytime Sleepiness Common Despite Effective CPAP -Family Practice News
5/10/2012 Bill Would Repeal SGR, Phase Out Medicare Fee-for-Service -Medscape
5/10/2012 House Legislation Would Permanently Repeal Sustainable Growth Rate -Becker's Hospital Review
5/10/2012 7 Medical Tests and Treatments You May Not Really Need -AARP News Bulletin
5/8/2012 Deadline for Avoiding 2013 E-Prescribing Penalty Is June 30 -Medscape
5/7/2012 Medical 'home' could give patients more coordinated care -The Day
5/7/2012 How To Ease EHR Frustration -InformationWeek
5/3/2012 Educating Consumers About Patient's Role in PCMH Key to Future of PCPCC, Says New Executive Director -AAFP News
5/2/2012 ACP: If I were health care king -KevinMD

April 2012

4/30/2012 Internists Spell Out Ways to Reform Medicare -Family Practice News
4/27/2012 Americans Support Medicare Reform, But Not on Their Dime: Poll -Philadelphia Inquirer
4/26/2012 Americans Support Medicare Reform, But Not on Their Dime: Poll -MSN Health
4/26/2012 ACP, Consumer Reports Collaborate on Treatment Guidelines for Consumers -Family Practice News
4/25/2012 Prevention a low priority in heart docs' training -Reuters
4/25/2012 Why does my eye twitch? And other questions about the body odd -FOX News
4/25/2012 Prevention a low priority in heart docs' training -Chicago Tribune
4/24/2012 A New Resource For Medical Information -CBS Philly
4/23/2012 Warren Buffett Cancer Treatment Shows Challenges In Health Care Cost-Cutting -Huffington Post
4/23/2012 ACP Warns of Looming Public Health Crisis -MedPage Today
4/23/2012 High Value' Care Goal of New ACP Partnership -MedPage Today
4/23/2012 Smoking Cessation Worth It Despite Dim Outcomes -MedPage Today
4/20/2012 Doctors Group Tells Patients to Go for Cheaper, High-Value Treatments -Wall Street Journal
4/20/2012 Help in Deciding if Medical Tests Are Needed -New York Times
4/20/2012 Doctors Group Tells Patients To Go For Cheaper, High-Value Treatments -NPR
4/16/2012 'Choosing Wisely' list is about good judgment, not curtailing care, medical societies say -American Medical News
4/10/2012 Use caution before starting a daily aspirin regimen -USA Today
4/9/2012 Many Medical Tests and Procedures Aren’t Needed — Doctors’ Groups -Wall Street Journal
4/9/2012 Health Care Spending On Unnecessary Tests Discouraged By Major Medical Groups -Huffington Post
4/6/2012 New guidelines: Don't treat most sinus infections with antibiotics -ModernMedicine
4/5/2012 Doctors groups call for end to unnecessary procedures -Washington Post
4/5/2012 Doctors Urge Their Colleagues To Quit Doing Worthless Tests -NPR
4/5/2012 Physicians Groups Call for Fewer Tests for Patients -TIME
4/4/2012 Medical group takes up the fight against unnecessary tests -Philadelphia Inquirer
4/4/2012 Medical tests and treatments you should question -Associated Press
4/4/2012 New effort by MDs to cut wasteful medical spending -Yahoo! News
4/4/2012 Many Medical Tests and Procedures Aren’t Needed — Doctors’ Groups -Wall Street Journal
4/4/2012 Doctors Urge Their Colleagues To Quit Doing Worthless Tests -NPR
4/4/2012 Doctors groups call for end to unnecessary procedures -Washington Post
4/4/2012 Coalition of medical societies urges questioning treatments -USA Today
4/4/2012 Health Care Spending On Unnecessary Tests Discouraged By Major Medical Groups -Huffington Post
4/4/2012 5 Medical Tests You May Not Need -ABC News
4/4/2012 Physician Groups Call for Fewer Medical Tests -MSN Health
4/4/2012 Medical Societies Release Lists of Overused Tests and Procedures -Forbes
4/4/2012 Physician Groups Call for Fewer Medical Tests -HealthDay via Yahoo! News
4/4/2012 Physician Groups Call for Fewer Medical Tests -US News & World Report
4/4/2012 Unnecessary medicine: Physician groups list 45 overused tests, procedures -Chicago Tribune
4/4/2012 Many common procedures unneeded, say doctors groups -Boston Globe
4/2/2012 Kansas AFP Seeks Out Resources to Help Members Transform Practices -AAFP

March 2012

3/30/2012 Just What the Patient Ordered -Huffington Post
3/26/2012 ACP Guideline on Type 2 Diabetes Recommends Oral Pharmacology as Second-line Therapy -AAFP
3/23/2012 Antibiotics Do No Good for Most Sinus Infections - New Guidelines -Wall Street Journal
3/22/2012 New Rhinosinusitis Guidelines Discourage Antibiotics -Medscape Today
3/22/2012 Colonoscopies proven to reduce cancer deaths -OC Register
3/21/2012 Antibiotics Do No Good for Most Sinus Infections - New Guidelines -Wall Street Journal
3/21/2012 Sinus Infections: 90 To 98% Are Caused By Viruses, Guidelines Say -Huffington Post
3/20/2012 Tight glycemic control not beneficial for premature infants -Clinical Advisor
3/19/2012 Match Day: Interest in Primary Care Holds Steady -Family Practice News
3/19/2012 Colorectal Cancer Screening: Guidelines for Best Practice -Medscape Today
3/16/2012 Adding Seats: The RUC's Sleight Of Hand -Health Affairs Blog
3/14/2012 ACP reminds physicians to assess risk, screen for colorectal cancer -Kevin MD
3/14/2012 Massage proves to have medical benefits -FOX News
3/13/2012 Don't Call It Pampering: Massage Wants to Be Medicine -Wall Street Journal
3/13/2012 Colorectal Cancer For Under 50s On The Rise -Medical News Today
3/7/2012 Internists echo call for colon cancer screening -Baltimore Sun
3/7/2012 New Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines Focus on Individual Risk - Doctor's Lounge
3/7/2012 Colonoscopy research supports life-saving benefits -ABC News 7
3/5/2012 Most older adults need colon cancer screening -MSNBC.com
3/5/2012 Colon cancer screening should start at 50, says American College of Physicians -CBS News
3/5/2012 EHR User Ratings Reveal Familiar Names At Top -Medscape Today
3/2/2012 Interoperability Initiative Adds Structure To Clinical Text -Information Week
3/1/2012 ACP Guidelines Say Metformin Is the Best Starter Drug for Type 2s -Diabetes Health
3/1/2012 Blues Plan Helps Practices Get Up to Speed for PCMHs -Managed Care Magazine
3/1/2012 Some with lung cancer get unhelpful radiation - Reuters

February 2012

2/28/2012 New Patient Guidebook, "Live Healthier - Weight Loss Options for Treating Obesity," Now Offered by the American College of Physicians Foundation -Sacramento Bee
2/23/2012 Health Care Spending Targeted By American College Of Physicians Guidelines -Huffington Post
2/22/2012 We Spend How Much On Unneeded Tests? -Forbes
2/22/2012 Adult vaccination rate still too low - American Medical News
2/21/2012 Seeking Clues to Heart Risk in a Patient's Family Tree -Wall Street Journal
2/21/2012 Doctors Disappointed Again: Only a Short-Term SGR Fix -Family Practice News
2/17/2012 Is that X-ray necessary or 'medical gluttony'? -MSNBC
2/17/2012 "Bad" cholesterol not the whole story in stroke? -Reuters
2/17/2012 Doctors 'Disgruntled' And Frustrated By Looming Medicare Cuts -NPR
2/17/2012 American College Of Physicians Tackles Issue Of Excessive Medical Testing -Huffington Post
2/16/2012 Stemming the tide of overtreatment in U.S. healthcare - Reuters
2/16/2012 Prescription Drug Abuse Crackdown Hits CVS and Drug Wholesaler -Huffington Post
2/16/2012 Hey, Can You Stop at CVS and Pick Up My Suicide Pills? -Philly Magazine
2/15/2012 Antibiotics Not Necessary or Helpful for Acute Sinusitis -Medscape
2/15/2012 The Medicine Cabinet-Ask the Harvard Experts: Do I need to start drug therapy for new onset diabetes? -Chicago Tribune
2/13/2012 Screening by Primary-Care Doctors May Spot Dementia - US News & World Report
2/13/2012 Doctors zero in on benefit gaps allowed under health reform - American Medical News
2/13/2012 What's behind WellPoint's pay raise for primary care doctors? - American Medical News
2/10/2012 American College of Physicians Recommends Metformin to Treat Type 2 Diabetes Based on Comparative Effectiveness Analysis of Oral Medications - HealthCanal
2/8/2012 Metformin is ACP's drug of choice for type 2 diabetics - Cardiovascular Business
2/7/2012 Metformin Preferred Drug for Type 2 Diabetes, Experts Say - U.S. News & World Report
2/6/2012 HPV vaccine now recommended for all boys, CDC says - CBS News
2/6/2012 ACP drafts list of 37 commonly misused screenings and tests - American Medical News
2/3/2012 Group pushes health worker flu vaccinations - ModernHealthcare
2/1/2012 What to do about too many medical tests - Philadelphia Inquirer

January 2012

1/30/2012 ACP releases national healthcare report and argues for SGR repeal - Healthcare Finance News
1/27/2012 Physicians Oppose Budget Cuts - National Journal
1/26/2012 Medical tests: Are you getting too many? - CBS Early Show
1/25/2012 AMA urges Congress to repeal SGR - Cardiovascular Business
1/24/2012 Too many tests? Routine checks getting second look - Associated Press
1/23/2012 No, Doctors Don't Hate Obamacare - The New Republic
1/12/2012 SGR Repeal Dilemma Could Make Passage Harder - Medscape Today
1/12/2012 Do No Harm - And Keep An Eye On Costs - Kaiser Health News
1/12/2012 Group Unveils Afib Stroke Risk Reduction Campaign - Medpage Today
1/11/2012 Improved care needed for atrial fibrillation - LA Times
1/11/2012 New Stroke-Prevention Drugs Spur A-Fib Guides - Family Practice News
1/10/2012 Brighter access outlook tied to young adult coverage expansion - American Medical News
1/9/2012 Why doctors shouldn't treat family members - CNN
1/9/2012 Medical specialties to develop list of unnecessary procedures - American Medical News
1/9/2012 Washington Week: Obama Team Mounts ACA Defense - Medpage Today
1/6/2012 New ACP Ethics Manual reflects reimbursement, health IT trends - Cardiovascular Business
1/5/2012 ACP: Making transitions better for patients - Kevin MD
1/5/2012 ACP Issues Revised Ethics Manual - HealthLeaders
1/4/2012 Ethics Manual Examines Emerging Issues In Medical Ethics - Medical News Today
1/3/2012 ACP Makes Close Watch on Costs an Ethical Issue - Medpage Today
1/2/2012 Physicians group adds social media guidelines to ethics manual - Newsworks


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