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Press Release Archive - July-December 2002

December 10, 2002
ACP-ASIM and AMA to Offer Point-of-Care CME Credit

November 19, 2002
Nation's Two Largest Medical Specialty Groups Issue Migraine Treatment Guidelines

September 17, 2002
Medicare Patients Costs to Rise as Number of Non-Participating Providers Grows

September 3, 2002
Study: Mammography Has Not Reduced Breast Cancer Death

August 1, 2002
Senate Urged to Revisit Medicare Reform

July 26, 2002
President Bush’s Call to Curb Litigation Costs Will Help Stem Tide of Medical Practice Closures

July 25, 2002
Study Shows Tax Credits Can Help Provide Health Insurance to All Americans

July 22, 2002
Professional Liability Reform Vital as Medical Practices Lose Coverage, Close Doors

July 15, 2002
ACP-ASIM Applauds Expansion of Medicaid and SCHIP Programs

July 2, 2002
ACP-ASIM Applauds House Decision on Medicare Modernization

July 2, 2002
Annals of Internal Medicine: 75 Years of Medical History

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