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Press Release Archive - July-December 2001

December 27, 2001
Study by HHS Office of Inspector General Examines Physician Problems in Home Health Care for Medicare Beneficiaries

December 20, 2001
Medical Society Appoints Leader - John Tooker, MD, Named EVP and CEO of ACP-ASIM

December 19, 2001
ACP-ASIM Applauds House Decision to Reject Designation of Chiropractors as "Primary Care Physicians"

December 6, 2001
ACP-ASIM to Host 2002 Annual Session in Philadelphia

December 6, 2001
ACP-ASIM Applauds New Legislation to Advance Medicare Reform

November 30, 2001
ACP-ASIM Supports New Efforts to Push Forward Medicare Reform

November 29, 2001
ACP-ASIM Takes Steps to Prepare Primary Care Physicians for Bioterrorist Attack

November 26, 2001
ACP-ASIM Recommends Tax Credits as a Possible Way to Reduce the Numbers of Uninsured

November 26, 2001
ACP-ASIM Recommends Steps for Opening Federal Employee Health Benefits Program to Uninsured

November 15, 2001
ACP-ASIM Releases Recommendations for Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

November 13, 2001
ACP-ASIM Urges Congress to Reject Chiropractors as "Primary Care Providers

November 13, 2001
Medicare Cuts Threaten Access to Care

November 6, 2001
ACP-ASIM Survey Finds Nearly Half of U.S. Members Use Handheld Computers

November 6, 2001
Aspirin Not a Substitute for Colorectal Cancer Screening

November 1, 2001
Medicare Beneficiaries Access to Care Endangered

October 26, 2001
ACP-ASIM Urges President to Appoint Executive Branch Physician as Spokesperson on Health Effects of Bioterrorism

October 17, 2001
House and Senate Urged to Fund HHS Bioterrorist Preparedness Request

October 16, 2001
Philadelphia HIV Patients Will Suffer if Ryan White Funds are Not Increased, Local Experts Say

October 16, 2001
Standards Proposed to Improve Care for Frail Elderly

October 16, 2001
New Supplement to Annals of Internal Medicine

October 8, 2001
ACP-ASIM Urges Congress to Expand COBRA

October 3, 2001
ACP-ASIM Applauds House Efforts to Reduce Medicare Hassles

September 25, 2001
ACP-ASIM Calls Medicare Reform Act (H.R. 2768) Good First Step, Urges A Number of Improvements

August 7, 2001
Experts Classify Hundreds of Alternative Therapies, Including Chicken Soup

August 7, 2001
ACP-ASIM Opposes Physician-Assisted Suicide

July 19, 2001
ACP-ASIM Urges Congress to Choose the Best Patient Protection Bill, S. 1052

July 11, 2001
ACP-ASIM Urges House to Pass Senate Version of Patient Protection Act

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