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ACP Internal Medicine 2011 Clinical Skills Center Course Handouts

The handout files are in Acrobat PDF format. Please download the Acrobat Reader software for free from Adobe now. If you already have the reader, you may still need to download the latest version.

If you are having trouble viewing the handouts, please see our Troubleshooting Acrobat PDF Problems guide.

Advanced Airway Techniques (826 KB)

Arthrocentesis & Bursal Injection (814 KB)

Breast Examination Skills (106 KB)

Incision and Drainage of Abscesses (173 KB)

Lumbar Puncture (45 KB)

Male Genital and Rectal Exam (45 KB)

Neurological Assessment of the Comatose Patient (428 KB)

Pelvic Examination Skills (64 KB)

PICC Line Placement (1.5 MB)

Skin Biopsy & Cryosurgery (282 KB)

Soft Tissue Injection (1.1 MB)

Suturing Skills (762 KB)

Toenail Removal (93 KB)

Ultrasound-Guided Central Venous Line Placement (871 KB)

[PDF] Acrobat PDF format. Download Acrobat Reader software for free from Adobe. Problems with PDFs?

Internal Medicine 2011
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Internal Medicine 2011:

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