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LEAD Certificate

A. A LEAD Certificate can be awarded to any member who has completed at least five out of seven of the following leadership development activities within a three-year time frame:

1. Attained or maintained active Fellowship status within the College;
2. Attended at least seven hours of CME or highly structured chief resident activities that focused on leadership competencies. At least three of these must be sponsored by the ACP at the local or the national level;
3. Participated in at least two pathways to leadership at the chapter level;
4. Served on a national workgroup, committee, or council of the ACP;
5. Served as a mentor/facilitator in at least one ACP sponsored mentoring event or program;
6. Participated in Leadership Day on Capitol Hill or similar local legislative or advocacy activity;
7. Demonstrated leadership competencies in the community setting. Examples include chairing a hospital committee or council, serving on a steering committee for a faith-based organization, serving on a Board of Directors for local youth, sports, or arts group.

B. Certificates will be awarded at the College’s Internal Medicine Meeting every year. To be eligible, please:

1. Start tracking your leadership development activity on the application.
2. Be sure to register for every IM leadership course you attend so we can verify your participation.
3. Note dates of all activities. Criteria must be met within three years of the date of the first reported activity.
4. Submit your completed application two months prior to the beginning of the Internal Medicine meeting at which you expect to receive your certificate. LEAD deadlines will be posted every year.

Note: College staff will verify information provided about applicants participation in non-ACP related leadership activities and appreciates the LEAD applicant providing organizational and contact information as appropriate when submitting his or her application to complete that verification process.

More Information about LEAD

Questions can be sent to LEAD@acponline.org.

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