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Effective Clinical Practice

November/December 1999


How Satisfied Are Mothers with 1-Day Hospital Stays for Routine Delivery?
Jill M. Klingner, Leif I. Solberg, Susan Knudson-Schumacher, Richard R. Carlson, and Karen L. Huss

In a survey of new mothers following vaginal delivery, more than 80% of respondents who had 1-day hospital stays reported that they would want to stay longer if they had another child. Only a third of mothers with 2-day stays felt similarly.
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A Comparison of Resource Utilization in Nurse Practitioners and Physicians
Alnoor Hemani, Darius A. Rastegar, Carole Hill, and Mohamed S. Al-Ibrahim

Nurse practitioners seem to utilize more health care resources than physicians in caring for patients in a primary care clinic.
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Can Percent Free Prostate-Specific Antigen Reduce the Need for Prostate Biopsy?
Stephen Lieberman

The specificity of PSA testing for prostate cancer can be enhanced by determining percent free PSA, thereby reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies.
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Adolescent Health Care Visits: Opportunities for Brief Prevention Messages
Elizabeth A. O'Connor, Jack F. Hollis, Michael R. Polen, and Edward Lichtenstein

Most adolescent HMO members have primary care clinics visits, which could provide an opportunity for providers to educate them about risky behaviors.
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Potential Benefits of Regionalizing Major Surgery in Medicare Patients
John D. Birkmeyer, F. Lee Lucas, and David E. Wennberg

Significant reduction in surgical mortality could result from regionalization of major procedures in Medicare patients.
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Performance Measures: The Destination or the Journey?
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A Primer on HEDIS
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Physician Autonomy, Patient Choice, and Immunization Performance Measures
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Performance Measures for Ethics Quality
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Who Cares What Surgeons Think?
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