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Effective Clinical Practice

July/August 1999


Surgical Treatment of Early Breast Cancer: What Would Surgeons Choose for Themselves?
E. Dale Collins, Carolyn L. Kerrigan, and Pascale Anglade

Even after being reminded about the equivalent survival statistics, one half of the surgeons in this survey would choose mastectomy over breast-conserving surgery.
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Informed Consent for PSA Screening: Does It Happen?
Daniel G. Federman, Sunita Goyal, Ayumi Kamina, Peter Peduzzi, and John Concato

Three months after PSA testing, one third of patients did not know that they had been screened for prostate cancer.
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Women's Knowledge and Attitudes about Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Susceptibility
Evette J. Ludman, Susan J. Curry, Ella Hoffman, and Stephen Taplin

Despite little knowledge about genetic testing, most women express an interest in being tested and believe that genetic testing should be offered to everyone.
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The Ottawa Patient Decision Aids
Annette M. O'Connor, Elizabeth R. Drake, Valerie Fiset, Ian D. Graham, Andreas Laupacis, and Peter Tugwell

Self-administered, audio-guided workbooks help patients become better informed and more aware of their personal values.
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Valuing Viagra: What Is Restoring Potency Worth?
Yeong S. Kwok and Catherine Kim

Viagra may meet the conventional criterion of "cost-effectiveness" for men whose quality of life is sufficiently diminished by impotence.
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How Can We Help People Make Sense of Medical Data?
Steven Woloshin and Lisa M. Schwartz

To make informed decisions, patients may need general training to help evaluate quantitative data. This article outlines a proposal for a tutorial, "Understanding Numbers in Health."
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Patient Decision Making: In Search of Good Decisions
Lisa M. Schwartz and Steven Woloshin
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What Is a Good Decision?

Amanda Ratliff
Marcia Angell
Richard W. Dow
Miriam Kupperman and Robert F. Nease
Roger Fisher and Elliott S. Fisher
Donald A. Redelmeier and Marie E. Faughan
Barbara K. Rimer
Susan P. Pauker and Stephen G. Pauker
Harold C. Sox

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What Do Patients Want? Help in Making Effective Choices
Baruch Fischhoff
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